Justify and Text to Column Options in Excel

by Ali August 21, 2017 at 4:37 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to use justify and text to column options that exist in Microsoft Excel 2016. Both options are useful in many cases. For example, we write a very long text in a cell then we click on the justify option it will automatically place one word in a cell. Not just the justify option is useful but also the text to column option. I will tell you an example of text to column. Whenever you type many words in one cell then if you want to place each of them in one cell in a row you may use text to column option. Furthermore, I will talk about the usages of both options later on but now let’s move to learn how to use justify and text to column options.

First of all, I will start from the justify Option. continue reading in the following heading.

How to use Justify Option

Well as I told in the first paragraph that whenever you wrote more words in a single cell then you can spread each of them in an individual cell. You may perform the action by using the justify and text to column option. Now I think that you have gotten the usages of the option. Let move to find and use the option.

First, you have to type something in a cell-like “Microsoft Office 2016 tutorials”. Once you wrote 3 or 4 words than you might not see the other words except one of them. For placing the words in each row you have to find the justify option. Remember to select the cell that you have written the text in.

You can find the justify option from the editing group of the home tab in Microsoft Excel. From the group find the fill option and click on that below some other option you can see the justify option. You may take instructions from the following picture. After clicking you will see that each word is in a separate row. This is the benefit of using the justify option. Instead of pressing down arrow key every time use Justify at once.

Justify and text to column options
Justify option of Microsoft Excel 2016

That is how easy you can place many words in a separate row with using just an option. Now let move to use the text to column option.

Text to Column

If you noticed in the first paragraph I gave an example about the text to column also. This option is just like the Justify option but with one difference. The difference is it will separate many words in columns but Justify separate words into rows. Both justify and text to column separate many words from each other.

Many time you don’t notice that you have written many words in one cell, on that don’t delete the texts you wrote. Use the Text to column option for separating them. Let find out the Text to column option.

First of all, select the cell that you have written the texts in it. Go to the Data tab of Microsoft Excel and then find the text to column option. Click on the option. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Text to Column option
Text to Column option

After clicking each word that existed in that cell will spread in many cells. You may try it yourself. Many time people use the option for the text style also. Now the usage is up to you.

Conclusion (Use justify and text to column options)

In this article, I showed you how to use justify and text to column options. In Microsoft Excel, there are many other options from text or words but these options are very useful. We commonly do such mistake that we write many words in one cell without seeing. The both options are for solving that kind of problem. So I hope that you have learned something from the article. Put a comment below the article and share your ideas about the article. Also ask any kind of questions about Microsoft Office Programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint. Don’t forget to check out our other articles.

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