Kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016 (Kutool usages)

by Ali August 27, 2017 at 6:49 pm

In this article, I am going to show and introduce kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016 and its usage. Well, kutool is a software or programs that you have to download from any website. I will give a direct link to a website from where you can download the kutool software below this paragraph. In addition, this tool is very impressive and helpful for our works. For example, we can insert useful pictures from here. Some websites let you download just the 60 trial but some don’t. If you purchase the tool it will provide more pictures and ranges which are really useful and helpful. You can find clip Arts also from here. If you are interested in kutools then you must read this article.

After installing the tool restart Microsoft Excel and then you will see a panel on the right side of the window with lots of options. You can find the things that I mentioned on above paragraph here. Click here to download the kutool setup for Microsoft Excel.

Once you download the setup start installing it. There are some easy steps to pass and then the installation will be complete. In the following picture, you may see one of the steps to install the tool.  Let’s move to learn more about the tool.

Note: you can find Kutool for Microsoft word also. I will explain and talk about Kutool in Microsoft word too in the upcoming article.

Kutool for Excel 2016 (Introducing the tool)

As is said that after the installation you will see a panel on the right side of the window. If the panel doesn’t appear after the installation you may restart the Microsoft Excel 2016 and if it doesn’t then restart your system. It will work 100% percent.

The panel will look stuffy and with lots of options but don’t be shocked. They are very easy to use. Especially if you want to insert the pictures and clip art or formulas. Look at the following picture.

Kuttol panel
Kuttol panel

Now if you want to insert something like picture or clipart’s then click on the second option. At the right side of the tab, you will find some more options like formulas, clip arts, pictures, ranges, and charts. The most amazing thing in here according to me is the chart and the ranges because I have a lot of ideas to use them in my projects. I think that copying the ranges and then using them in PowerPoint presentations will be great. It is an easy work to create those kinds of thing but it will save our time. This is the best part of it.

Not only ranges and pictures are important, there are formulas which can save our time. Click on the formula option then you will see s list of formulas like average, count and sum. Using these formulas are easy but if you get some kind of problem you can mention in the comment section.

Kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016
Insert pictures, ClipArts, Ranges, charts

You can find and replace words from the same panel. If you search for something to find, select all the sheets and then click on find. It will find out the word from every sheet that you have selected. Also if you want to replace any of the words from any sheet just select the sheet from the list and then search for the word. It was hard using the Kutool at first but now it becomes very easy and even more interesting. So spend more time on the options to learn them better and use them in the correct situations.

You can also hide cells that you want to keep them private from the same panel. Click on the fourth option from the left-hand side and then click on the selection option. Select the range or criteria which you want to hide it. After selection click on the save option on the bottom of the option. Now it will process the action from some 30 seconds and then you can see the result.

Find and Replace with kutools
Find and Replace with kutools

Work with the Kutool options for knowing the usages of them better. Those who don’t have downloaded the Kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016 yet I recommend them to download the tool if you want to save your time.

Conclusion (Kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016)

Kutool is the best thing or software which you can add to Microsoft Excel. The Kutool is also for Microsoft word 2016. I will talk about the tool for Microsoft word 2016 in my upcoming articles. Subscribe us with your email address we will inform you with an email if any post is released. Check out our other articles about Microsoft Office programs like Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint. Mention your questions in the comment section also share your ideas and suggestions about Kutool for Microsoft Excel 2016.

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