How to Manage Cell Height and Width in Excel 2016

by Ali August 16, 2017 at 6:10 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to manage cell height and width in Microsoft Excel 2016. It happens to me many times. My written text is longer than the cell in Excel and I start double clicking on the bottom of each row to fix it. I learned that we can do it at once with all the cells or the texts in the cell. If you are having the same problem and you are searching for the tip to fix it. You are in the correct place. Managing cell height and width in Microsoft Excel is very easy by pressing one option you can fix them all. There is an option in the HOME tab of Microsoft Excel 2016. Later on, I will talk about other options too that can perform the same action.

So, for now, let’s move to learn how to manage cell height and width in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Manage cell height and width in Microsoft Excel

As I gave you an example in the first paragraph but again there are many times that people are having a problem with the height of the cells. When writing something and enter then write below that text the cell height might be short and there are the chances of not showing the text completely. In this article, I will explain and solve both problems.

If you want to fix just one sell move your mouse cursor to the top of that column and you will see a sign and then double click to fix that. Look at the following picture to recognize the sign better.

Manage cell height and width
For solving one cell problem

So now if you have a lot of cells to fix the width and the height you have to select all of them at first. After the selection from the home tab of Microsoft Excel 2016 find the cells group and find format option from that group. Now move to the next step.

Once you find the FORMAT option then click on that and you will see a list of other options. For managing the row height click on the first option and for if you click on the second option. It will automatically fit the text with the row. My recommendation is to click on the second option for an automatic fixing.

manage cell height and width
manage cell height and width

Now moving to the third option it is the column width. Whenever your text is larger than the size of the column you may choose the columns or click on this option. Below the column width option, you will see the auto column width option. By clicking on that option it will fit the text in the column automatically.

Conclusion (Manage cell height and width in Microsoft Excel)

So if you have solved your problems with the rows and columns width and height by the help of this article then put a comment below to share your ideas. Share the article. Also, suggest me some ways if you know for managing cells height and width in Microsoft Excel 2016. Don’t forget to share it with your friends for more knowledge. I suggest you check out our updated articles about Microsoft Office programs. Click here.

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