Microsoft Access Data Types

by Ali February 14, 2018 at 3:08 pm

Microsoft Access data types are actually great features. The data type means that which kind of information does Microsoft Access accept or organize. In addition, the data types will help you choose the correct data type for any information. let me explain with an example, suppose you have numeral information then you cannot place that information in the text data type. The data type in Microsoft Access 2016 are short text, long text, date, currency, OLE object, hyperlink, lookup wizard, auto number, calculated, yes/no and more. These data types are so much effective in organizing the data correctly, selecting the data type will affect while we start filling the tables and adding records. If we want a field that shows in the date only then choose the date data type. I will explain further in the next paragraph.

Note: I would recommend you all to have a look at the following article to understand this better.

Microsoft Access Data Types

As I named the data types of Microsoft Access on the above paragraph, there are 12 kinds of data types in Microsoft Excel 2016. They are very effective in organizing the information in the correct field.

  • AutoNumber
    • AutoNumber is the kind of data type that inserts number automatically each time you press enter or add a new record. You can use the AutoNumber data type for giving ID number. See the video tutorial at the end for understanding better.
    • Auto Number in Microsoft Access 2016
      Auto Number
  • Short Text
    • The short text is especially for the field that you want to type text in it only. If I am making the list of employees in my company then we need these fields, Name, Last name, ID, working shift, pay per hour, off days and more. For example, if you are making a worker list then in the name (worker name) data type must be short text. Look at the following picture for more instructions.
    • Short Text data type in Microsoft access 2016
      Short text


  • Number
    • Number data type is for the numeral data like contact numbers, hours worked, house number, or something like these. If you type a text value in this field then you will see a pop-up. Look at the following picture for more instructions.
    • Microsoft Access 2016


  • Long text
    • Long text is used for placing long texts like address or any other long information. The long text can place 255 characters which is much better than the short text for a long amount of texts.
    • long text in Microsoft Access 2016
      Long text


  • OLE object
    • OLE (Object linking and embedding) is for pictures, videos, files and more. Most people use it for pictures or linking another database. talking about inserting an OLE object, you should right click in the box and then select Insert Object, browse and select the file or object. Look at the following picture for more guide.
    • Insert OLE object
      Insert OLE object


  • Lookup Wizard
    • lookup wizard is a perfect feature for adding limited preferences like if we want others to select one of the options we gave. For example, if I am making a field for employees status then I can put single, married, divorced. There are many steps to follow for creating a lookup wizard. Go to this article and learn: How to insert a lookup wizard in Microsoft Access 2016?
    • Lookup Wizard in Microsoft Access 2016
      Lookup Wizard


  • Yes/No
    • The yes/No data type is awesome for a quick reply. This data type is for short answers like, are you under 18? yes/no. That is all. In my table, I have used the yes/no data type for asking if someone is over 20 or not. I recommend you to use this because almost all of the people think that it is an easy way to fill forms and answer questions.
    • Yes/no data type in Microsoft Access 2016


  • Attachment
    • The attachment data type is much similar to the OLE data type. For inserting an attachment you have to right- click and select Insert Attachment. Talking about similarity and difference, they both can place objects like pictures, files, but there is a small difference. The OLE object shows the file or picture in the box but attachment doesn’t show. We need to double click on the attachment to see the file or picture.
    • Manage attachments
      Manage attachments


Conclusion (Microsoft Access Data Types)

The whole article was about Microsoft Access data types. Data types are great for managing the right information in the correct field. I hope you all have gotten something from this article. Ask your questions about this article. In addition, don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.


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