Microsoft PowerPoint tips for Teachers

by Ali October 24, 2017 at 1:53 pm

In this article, I will show Microsoft PowerPoint tips for teachers. Teachers using PowerPoint can explain things better with showing slides, animated contents, and transition slides. I have highlighted few things that will improve your creativity in making presentations. There are few things; I want to explain like; inserting perfect slides, slideshow timing and inserting contents. These three things are very important to a teacher to provide a better presentation to the students. Students may also read this article because the article is for creating a better presentation. If you learn these tips I am sure you will create better presentation than the first.

Inserting Contents

Inserting correct contents is one of Microsoft PowerPoint tips for teachers. Teachers must insert pictures or other content according to the thinking level of his/her students. For example, a teacher must bring some cartoon shapes for small children because they have more interest in cartoons rather than other things. The second thing about inserting correct content is to insert pictures related to the title. The things that you want to teach or present for the students must be easy and clear. Whenever teachers show complicated things to a lower level student, the students will dislike studies. Make sure to add a music to the presentation so that the students listen and look with interest.

Where can I find the correct pictures and contents?

It is a great question to be asked but also a foolish one. Nowadays Shutterstock and Istock have the best pictures of everything. You may visit the website yourself.

SmartArt, Table, and Chart

Tables and charts are the great things that you can compare, explain, describe and partition things. For example, you can make a list of countries, cities, and provinces of a country. The chart is the best thing to show comparisons of two or more things. For example, you can compare countries population, currency, and improvement. If you are a science teacher then it is better to use the SmartArt to explain formulas. Teachers can create a water cycle, a formula cycle, the science branches and other things with SmartArt. There are different kinds of charts in PowerPoint 2016.

Insert Slides

Inserting slides is another thing a teacher should know because everything we create it is on a slide. The slide background must be something that should amaze students. You can use a picture for the slide background or you can use Microsoft PowerPoint templates. Inserting Templates is another way to insert the best slides.

Slideshow timing

Using slideshow timing is not an important thing in some condition. For example, if you want to explain each slide more, it is better to use the clicking option to change the slide. Whenever you want to explain slides shortly then you may set slide change timing. If you add animations and transitions, it will be better and more amazing. You can set slide change timing from the Slideshow Tab. If you want to create best presentations for the students then you must try these tips.

Conclusion (Microsoft PowerPoint tips for teachers)

In the whole article, I shortly showed you some tips that you can use to create great presentations. What are your favorite tips? You can share your ideas with us. Put a comment below the post if you have any question regarding this article. We will answer you as soon as possible. In addition, follow the links in the article to explore more.

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