Microsoft Word 2016 Exam Preparation

by Ali October 4, 2017 at 6:33 am

In this article, I am going to introduce options that you have to learn before giving Microsoft word 2016 exam. If you want to pass the Microsoft word 2016 exam then you must read this article. Of course, in Microsoft word 2016 test they will not ask us to copy and paste or typing something they will ask us different things. For example, they might ask us to email a document to an email address or share a document. Everybody knows they will not ask simple questions. So let’s take Microsoft word 2016 exam preparation.

Open documents (Microsoft Word 2016 Exam preparation)

The first, thing they might ask you will be opening a document. We can insert or open documents from many places. For example, we can insert documents from OneDrive or from the recent files. Opening documents does not end on inserting from OneDrive or from the recent files; they might ask us to insert templates.

First, learn how to insert or open the document from the pc. Go to the file backstage view and then find the Open option and click on that. From the right side of the window click on browse to insert the document you want. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Open Documents
Open Documents

It is too much easy to insert or open documents but be sure they will ask some questions.

Secondly, they might ask us to insert a document or content from OneDrive. You have to sign into your Microsoft account. How to create Microsoft Account? Once you are signed in then go to the file backstage view and click on Open. From the right side of the window find the OneDrive option and then click on that. If you have any document or anything, it will appear. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Open documents
Open documents

Opening a template is also easy. When you open a new document then from the first page, you can search any template you want or you can use the recommended templates. They were the ways of opening documents in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Sharing (Microsoft Word 2016 Exam preparation)

This is another thing, which you have to take preparation. In most cases, you will need the sharing options. You can share documents with email, presenting online and posting it on a website. As I think, they are much useful for everyone. Office workers and blog writers must know these things.

All of these options are in the sharing section in File backstage view. I will start explaining from email.

Once you find the option of sharing with email click on that. After clicking new options will appear. Would you like to send the email as an attachment, as a PDF file, as and XPS file or internet fax. Just select any one of them. After you click on any of them, a small window will appear and you have to provide the information like your email and the receiver email address. That is how you send an email directly from Microsoft word 2016. Be sure they will ask this.

The second important option in sharing is “post to blog”. We can post our document to our website directly from Microsoft word 2016. Click on the post to blog option from the sharing section. A new Microsoft word window will open but with fewer tabs and fewer options. Look at the following picture.

Microsoft Word 2016 Exam preparation
Share and Email

There are few options left in the sharing section. The options are very easy to use.


They might ask you about the tabs and the groups in the tab. Most of the questions will be from the mailing and references tabs. In mailing and references tab, you will find many options that are difficult to use. You should not forget the tabs that appear after inserting tables. Layout and design tabs that will appear after inserting tables or contents like the picture, SmartArt, shapes.

Design, layout, and home tabs are not much important because the options are very easy. Everyone can change the text size, colors, and insert headings and subheadings. You may review the tabs once if you are not sure completely. Also in layout tab, there are not much-complicated options to get confused. By clicking on each option you will know the ability them.

There is another tab, which is not visible at first. For making it visible click on the link down and follow the instruction. The tab name is the developer. From the developer, you restrict editing and create macros and many other options. You may also work with visual basic from this tab. If you have any questions about any option of Microsoft word, 2016 you may put a comment below the post.


Printing is also one of the things that you may face in the exam. Printing pages is not much hard. Just press ctrl+p to print pages. There are few options you have to choose before printing. For example, the quantity of page, printer, portrait or landscape, and many other. Look at the following picture for more information.

Print Out


Shortcut keyboards are very important for saving our time. Therefore, I added shortcut keyboards n my list. As my opinion, you must learn shortcuts because it saves our time. Instead of searching the option, you can just press the shortcut keyboard to apply for the work. I have mentioned some keyboards below you may look.

Ctrl+A. Select all contents.

Ctrl+W. Close the active window/document.

Ctrl+Z.  Undo an action.

Ctrl+Y. Redo the last action or repeat an action.

Ctrl+S. Save a document.

Ctrl+P. Print a document.

Alt+Left. Arrow Go back one page.

Alt+Right. Arrow Go forward one page.

Ctrl+C. Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard.

Ctrl+V. Paste the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard.

Ctrl+Shift+A. Format all letters as capitals.

Ctrl+B. Applies or removes bold formatting.

Ctrl+I. Applies or removes italic formatting.

Ctrl+=. Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).

Alt, F, A. Save As.

Alt, S, T, I. Insert Table of Contents.

Conclusion (Microsoft Word 2016 exam preparation)

I Hope you will take Microsoft word 2016 exam preparation and pass the test. If you got something from this article, share it with your friends and provide us a feedback with a comment. You may ask your questions and give suggestions about the article and Microsoft Word 2016. Subscribe us with your email address. In addition, check our new articles out. click here.

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