Microsoft Word 2016 (Microsoft Word Histroy)

by Ali January 3, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Today is the first article about the Microsoft word 2016 in today’s article you will learn about the usages of Microsoft word, Microsoft word versions and more. At the first word was only a typing software but today we can do amazing works with Microsoft word. It was released in 1983 but for the windows version in 1989. Today most of the papers are designed in Microsoft word, in addition, I can say that most of the magazines, newspapers, and books are created in Microsoft word.

With Microsoft word, you can write letters, cv, and different kinds of applications. Almost all of the schools, universities, hospitals and governmental places uses Microsoft word to type the papers. In our daily life, we use Microsoft word, for example, if you are going to give lecture then you can use Microsoft word to write and create the papers for the audience. we can say document to a Microsoft word file because most of the people use words all the time. Microsoft word is amazing and useful.

Microsoft word 2016

All of the above information’s was about overall Microsoft word versions and their activities. Microsoft word 2016 has not many differences with the older or previous versions of PowerPoint. The differences of Microsoft word 2016 with the older versions is this that there are some more options and tools in Microsoft word 2016. Some options are new in view tab and document reading mode. The new features bring more comfort for the users to edit and create the document well. Most of the options in Microsoft word are similar to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. We can give an example that almost all of the options that exist in PowerPoint home tab exist in word home tab. For example, we have the clipboard group in Microsoft PowerPoint and also in Microsoft word. Click here to study Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

You might a question that all these works we can do in windows paint or windows notepad what is the need of the word.

Well if you want an answer to this question then you must work with Microsoft word. I will give you a short information about the facilities that exist in Microsoft word. Talking about the text formatting we have word arts and text effects in Microsoft word. We can insert picture and apply the effect on them and give them a good looking border. Inserting objects like pictures, tables, charts, and shapes is another facility in Microsoft word.

In paint and notepad, we have one page per file but in Microsoft, we can have unlimited pages just in one-word document. After editing and formatting’s, we can email one document to many people. At the end, there are many reasons that Microsoft word is better than the other software’s or programs.


Hope so you have read all the above information’s and have gotten something. The examples on the top are the simple usages of Microsoft word. You can work as complicated as you can. Share this article if you got anything about the Microsoft word 2016. Be with us in the other lessons. Subscribe us with your email address it will inform you when we post anything.


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