Microsoft Word Interface in Android

by Ali November 7, 2017 at 3:51 pm

In this article, I will explain some options from Microsoft Word interface in Android or other smartphones. In the previous article, I explained a little about Microsoft Word in smartphones. You make check it out by clicking on here. We can use Microsoft Word anywhere we want; actually, we can say that Microsoft is now portable. There are many places that you cannot take your laptop with you instead you can take your mobile and you may write your important documents. Microsoft Word interface in Android is very different from the interface we see in laptops or desktops. There are same options but in different places. If you have not seen a Microsoft Word interface in Android before then read this article and watch the pictures. Without wasting any time let’s go through the article.

Microsoft Word interface in Android

The first page you will see after tapping on Microsoft Word application will look like this (Following picture). Perhaps we can call it the Starting page or the document gallery because we can find older documents here. From here, you can add a new page or you may open the documents that you have on OneDrive. We also can sign in our Microsoft Account from here; you could see the person icon on the right top corner.

Open Files
Open Files

The second page that you will face is the template gallery. I put the name template gallery because you can find many templates from here. In addition, people call this page the template gallery in laptops and desktops. Tap on any of the template you like and a new page will be opened. Look at the following picture for more instruction.

Select a Template or Blank page

After you click on any of the templates, you will be redirected to a new page. I will call it Microsoft Word Interface. As I said on the above that the options places completely change from Microsoft Word in Laptops or desktops. You can find options like fonts, colors, bold, italic. There is a pin sign on the right side of the window; I have highlighted the option in the following picture. By tapping on the pin, you will see extra or more options like heading, bullets, numbering, and paragraph space management. You can find any options that you think of.


At the left side of the ribbon, you will see a sign of scrolling. In there you will find the tabs. For example, there are the insert tab, layout tab, review and view tab. In addition, there is a draw tab too. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge so I can use the pen to draw and write or I can sign on the documents. Look at the following picture for clarification. We can share our documents easily from the interface and we can search for pictures and other contents for our documents.

Microsoft Word interface in Android
Tabs list and other tools

There is also something like a file backstage view but we can call it frontstage view because it appears on the front, not at the back of the documents. From here, you can open new documents; you can save the documents and print. I will show you how you can do all these stuff in the upcoming articles so be with us.

Conclusion (Microsoft Word interface in Android)

The whole article was about Microsoft Word interface in smartphones. As you, all know that today we can use Microsoft Office programs on our mobiles. It is just perfect to work anywhere easily. I hope you liked the article and make sure you subscribe us with your email address so that we can notify you when a new article is posted. Thanks for being with us.

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