Microsoft word shortcuts (tips and tricks)

by Ali August 9, 2017 at 9:37 am
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In this article, I will show you all Microsoft word shortcuts and tips/tricks. In Microsoft Word 2016 and other versions, there are shortcuts that most of the people don’t know. For example, for inserting a line or a designed line you don’t have to find the line options from the tabs and then insert. You can easily insert a line or a designed line. Not only the line shortcut but today I will teach you more shortcuts. The shortcuts are very helpful and save your time. The shortcuts keys do your work on the spot and on the cursor place. By learning the shortcuts keys you don’t have to go to a special menu, tab or options. I am sure you will be amazed by these shortcut keys of Microsoft word 2016. Let’s move to learn the shortcuts.

Inserting table with the shortcut keys

So I am starting with inserting the table with the shortcut keys. Creating a table by finding the menu and then selecting the size of it really take time but by learning the formula you won’t be doing that again. Type (+—-+—-+—-+—-+) for inserting a table. Well, the minus between two pluses is the free space of a column. Don’t type the bracket just type the minus and the plus signs. We have five plus which means that there is a table with four columns and a row. You may add more rows by pressing the Tab button on the keyboard.

The more minus sign you add between two pluses the column size will be bigger. That is how easy you can insert a table with the shortcut key. The shortcut key works in every Microsoft Word version. If you have any doubt you may try it yourself. Look at the following picture for the confirmation.

Inserting lines (Microsoft word shortcuts)

So now let’s move to learn the shortcuts of inserting the lines or under lines. You may need these lines at anywhere on the document. learn these easy formulas or shortcuts for inserting different lines. I won’t be able to insert picture of each under them, you may see all at once at the last of the lines shortcuts.

Note: The lines may not appear on the WordPress or web view but it will work 100 on Microsoft word page.

Type three or more minus (—) and then press Enter. By the time you press enter you will see a line. The following line is inserted with the shortcut key.

Press three or more *** stars and then press Enter. Look at the result below. The line with the dots.

Press three or more === equals and press enter. The double line is the result of the shortcut or formula

Type three or more ### times for inserting a thick and double line.

So they were the shortcuts keys for inserting lines. They are so easy to remember and comfortable to use at any time. I hope you will get the benefit of the shortcuts.

Adding signs and symbols with the shortcuts keys

Here I will introduce those shortcut keywords that are really amazing and useful. The symbols and arrows are one of the objects that really matters on pointing at something. So the usage I put on you but I will teach how to insert the symbols and the sign with the shortcut keys.

Note: Don’t type the brackets with the formulas. The shortcuts are in the brackets. The Symbols may not appear on the WordPress or web view but it will work 100%

Starting with inserting the arrows.

Type (==>) to insert an arrow pointing to the right side. Try it yourself. The example is below this line.


Press (<==) to insert an arrow pointing to the left. It is opposite of the upper shortcuts or arrow.


Press two (–>) to insert a thing arrow pointing to the right. It is the same with the first arrow but a little thinner than the first arrow.


Type (<–) to insert an arrow pointing to the left. This arrow is the opposite of the upper arrow.


For inserting a double head arrow type (<=>).


Type (🙂) for inserting a smile symbol or sign. The second last bracket is a part of the formula.


Type (:() for inserting another kind of smile. It is the unhappy smile.


They were the shortcut key which I knew and if you know some you may put a comment below the post.

Inserting Bullets

The bullets are also important in showing some parts of something or arranging the items or contents. The bullets are like the heading and the sub headings. Here I will show some bullets and numbering shortcuts which may be helpful for you all.

Type the formula or shortcut in the brackets to insert a pointing bullet. (->) after typing the bullet enter the space button on the keyboard then you will see the bullet. Once you insert the bullet first press enter and then press the tab button on the keyboard to make the parts of the bullets. Just like the following example.

  • Kind
    • Parts of kind
    • Parts of kind
  • Kind

Type (* and press space button) insert another kind of bullet. It is simple and people mostly use this bullet. The following is an example.

  • Type something
    • Part
    • Part
  • Type something

Type (1. And press space) to insert the numbering.  The numbering is also like the bullets. Just with little difference of parts. The following is an example of numbering.

  1. Write something
    1. Part
    2. Part
  2. Write something

There are other ways also to start a numbering like you can type the number one and then put a bracket beside of it and then press Enter. Type (1.>) to insert another kind of numbering.

Conclusion(Microsoft word shortcuts)

All the Microsoft Word shortcuts for inserting lines, arrows, tables, and symbols are very simple to remember. Just work and insert some three or four times then you will remember them very soon. I hope you have gotten something from the article (Microsoft word shortcuts). Put a comment below the article and also, share your ideas and what I have missed. Also ask your questions about any Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and more. Click here for more article about Microsoft Office.

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