Microsoft Word Tips for Students (Word 2016)

by Ali October 16, 2017 at 3:41 pm

In this article, I am going to show the Microsoft Word tips for students. There are few tips that every student must know for working comfortably on any project. In almost all of the school subjects, there are things that we need to type it or organize it. For example, if a student wants to make a list of unhealthy foods then he can use the tables to organize them. To type or organize those, students may not only write biography, applications, letter, and design the page correctly for use. Here I will introduce you some options that are useful for a student.

Designing the Page

Designing the pages is one of Microsoft word tips for students. Whenever we see a designed and a good-looking picture or something else we get attracted to that so design really matters. If you want to make an interesting project then you must decorate your page with borders, fonts, colors and text condition. The text conditions are bold, italic, strikethrough and underline. By using Headings and subheadings, it will be easy to explain things. Whenever you do not have the time for editing and designing them, you may apply Microsoft Word themes. In the Design Tab of Microsoft Word, you can find many stylish themes. Inserting page border and border for paragraph or line will be a wiser thing you could do. Most of the time you do not need to spend lots of time on managing positions of the text; you may use the text boxes.

There is the WordArt in Microsoft Word, which is a great feature to use for inserting different styles of text. You can also design any text as you wish; there is an option in the Font Group in the Home Tab. The option name is Text effects and Typography. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Microsoft Word tips for students

Reviewing Content

Reviewing content is the second tip for creating a better project or a document. It is very important to review and check the spellings of the documents. You may rectify your grammatical mistakes and as well the spelling mistakes. There is an option in the Review Tab of Microsoft Word. Without clicking on the options Microsoft word 2016 will automatically line up the mistakes with red and blue colors. The red line up is for the spelling mistake and the blue one is for punctuation and grammatical mistakes. If you right-click on the mistake Microsoft, word will give you some suggestions for the word. Sometimes it takes some seconds to line up the mistakes and provide the suggestions after right-clicking.

If you are using one word rapidly then you must stop, perhaps you can use the thesaurus to look for the synonyms of the word.

Macro (Microsoft word tips for students)

Macro is another great thing students may use to save their time. Students can record macros of important things and they may insert later if they need. It is a great way to save our time. Macro exist in the developer tab of Microsoft Office 2016. If you want to know, more about Macros in Microsoft Word 2016 click here.


The whole article is about few Microsoft word tips for students. There are many things for a student to learn but these are some important things. I will write more articles about what students really need to learn about Microsoft Word? Put a comment below the article and ask any question you have related to the article and Microsoft Word. Also, share your ideas and suggestions about Microsoft word tips for students.

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