Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers (2016)

by Ali October 13, 2017 at 1:22 pm

Teachers mostly should learn Microsoft Word because they need it every time. Whenever they want to make or write a test paper, letter, timetable, or other documents they will need Microsoft Word. Today in most countries, teachers use Microsoft Word for creating their documents I recommend you to learn these important things if you are a teacher. Students may also learn the things that I will explain here so they should not face any problems in the future. I will explain options like; page size, margins, text alignment, upper and lower cases, thesaurus. If you want to learn something worth your time then you are in the correct place. So let’s start learning Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers.

Insert Heading and Subheading (Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers)

Whenever you want to explain a specific paragraph, then you can use a heading and if you want to explain the parts of the paragraph, you can use subheading. For example, I put Australia as my heading and the cities as the subheadings. It is very effective to describe parts and branches clearly to the students or others. Sometimes we need to insert heading and subheadings to create a table of content. What is a table of content?

You will get your answer by clicking on the link above. By the way, you can apply other text styles from the place you insert heading and subheadings. You may apply the “no space” style or the “Quote” style. There are different styles you can apply to the texts so just click on each separately to know what it does. It was the first tip for a teacher to create the best documents. You may have a look at the following picture.

Heading and Subheadings
Heading and Subheadings

Paper Size

The paper size is important for a teacher to create the perfect document. Most people use the A4 size for everything but they are very wrong. If you are typing a letter then you have to use the letter paper size. There are other paper sizes for different things like; envelope, A4, A3, legal, and custom size. You may create your own paper size. It is a great Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers and for the students.

You can change the paper size from the Layout Tab of Microsoft Word. Have a look at the following picture if you cannot find.

Microsoft Word tips for Teachers
Paper Size

Subscript and Equation

Teachers can use the subscript option to make the math’s questions. For example, 322 .123 . You can add other math equations from the insert tab of Microsoft Word. There are easy and difficult formulas and equations which teachers can use them to make a test paper or an exercise paper. Beside the equation, option there is the symbol option. You can find many useful symbols like; copyrighted multiplication sign, division sign, currency sign, and many more. You can find the subscript option in be font group of home tab. The option signs are (x2, x2). The equation, symbol, and signs are in the insert tab; look at the following picture for more clarification.


Inserting Objects

Inserting objects like; table, chart, pictures, and shapes is very important. For example, teachers can use the table to make the list of anything. You can use the chart to compare things and show the comparison to the student, students will get recognize the differences between things. Pictures are one of the great contents you can add in your documents, it gives student clear description. Most of the student will prefer objects rather than the text. The charts, SmartArt, pictures are more interesting to watch and easy to understand. You can insert them from the insert tab. I have written articles individually for each of them. You can check the following links.

Insert Picture
Design Pictures
Insert SmartArt
Insert Tables

Click on the links to learn them clearly.

Reviewing Document

Reviewing paragraph and words is very important because you will find the spelling mistakes and the synonyms of the word. If you want to teach your students new words then you can use the thesaurus feature. Go to the review tab, find the thesaurus option, and click on that, search words to find out the synonyms. Beside the thesaurus option, there is the spelling and grammar option, it checks the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. These two options are useful for the teachers and for everyone.


Printing is another thing that teacher must know cause most of the time the students will need the things on paper. If you want to show something on paper, then just print the paper and distribute to the students. Teachers can write the hard words of a unit or lesson and then they can print for the students. For printing, a document go to file backstage view and click on the printing section, from there you can print. You can press (ctrl+p) to move to the printing area. You need to select the printer, copy quantity, which pages, page margin.

Conclusion (Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers)

In the whole article, I showed you Microsoft Word Tips for Teachers. There I explained options briefly just to introduce the options. You may click on the link to get full information about the features and options. I hope you have gotten something from this article. Put a comment below the article if you have any question regarding the article. Also, subscribe us with your Gmail and we will notify you whenever we post a new article.

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