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by Ali June 10, 2017 at 10:37 am

There are some tools in PowerPoint 2016 that are used more than any other tools. In this article, I will introduce most used PowerPoint tools. The tools I will introduce in this article are very useful. Tools like templates, pictures, charts, and shapes are most used PowerPoint tools. Templates are useful because it saves our time and we don’t need to spend the time to create a template or a slide background. Also, the other tools like table and charts make easy the work of displaying or managing the information by sequences and in a tidy way. Now I will explain them one by one and will say how they are helpful. I hope it will be helpful and amazing for you all.


The templates are much important in PowerPoint. That is because every time if you don’t have the time to create a template for yourself then you can use them. Not just for saving of time but you also can use them when you cannot design a better template than the existing ones. There are many amazing templates in PowerPoint 2016. If you couldn’t find one, then search from the search bar I am sure there will be the best templates. In addition, PowerPoint 2016 has added two new gorgeous templates to the offline template gallery. The names are Madison and Atlas. They are really amazing and good looking templates. I recommend you all use them once in your presentation I am sure you will like them. As an example, you can see the Atlas template in the following picture.

Most used PowerPoint tools
Atlas template

I think you got the point from the above paragraph. In the following picture, you can see the template gallery of PowerPoint 2016. Click here on the link to get more about the PowerPoint templates and editing them.

#2 Shapes

Shapes are another most used PowerPoint tools. With the shapes in PowerPoint 2016, you can create many things like graphic lines, rectangles shapes, frame for the slides, and 3D shapes for the project. There are amazing 3D shapes that you can use them anywhere you need. The interesting part is this that there are other shapes like the callouts, rectangle, circle, block arrows and more. you may use callouts to show someone’s opinion or other things. You can create a human shape with the shapes.

#3 Theme Design

Theme design took the 3rd position in my list because designing and formatting the slide background is very important. That is because if you design a good looking template it will catch the audience eyes. When the coloring of the background is not good then some people might not like the project content also. You can change the background color of templates from the Design Tab of PowerPoint 2016. From the Variants group, you can change the color of the background and also the front of the templates. In Addition, you can add/change the effect for the background.

PowerPoint 2016 templates
Theme Design

You may customize the color and choose the color that you like. Click here on the link to learn how to edit and customize the colors and the template itself.

#4 Format Tab

Now you may thing that there is no Format tab in PowerPoint but I will remind you one thing. Whenever you insert or add an object on the slide then a new tab will appear at the last of the tabs. That tab is Format tab. Now the format tab is different for each object. For example, if you insert a picture the format tab options will be different than the format tab of the object like shape or SmartArt. I could also say that there are some options that exist in every format tab. For example, if you insert a shape in the format tab you can see the word Art Styles group and if you insert a SmartArt you will also find the group.

From the Format tab, you can design the text, pictures, shapes, and other things. In addition, you can arrange the pictures if there are many and confusable to watch correctly.

Some of the objects like the SmartArt has an extra tab for formatting and editing them by the name of Design Tab. You can see this tab after inserting a SmartArt. The tab is beside the format tab. Look at the following picture.

#5 Quick Styles

Quick styles are amazing and useful in text designing and formatting. You can design your text in different colors and styles. For testing, the quick style option inserts a text box and then find the quick style gallery from the Home Tab of PowerPoint 2016. There are two groups in the quick style gallery. The groups are Themes Styles and Presets. In both of the groups, there are many types of designs that you can use them on the text boxes and on the picture. The effect on the picture is less, you can only see the borders and a slight effect on the picture.

Quick styles in PowerPoint 2016
Quick styles

#6 Transition and Animation tabs

In both of the tabs, there is effect for the page and the slide contents. From the transition tab, you can add effects to the page or slide itself. You can use the transition effects on the presentations slides and documents. There are many transition effects like page curl, window, push, wipe, random bars, and more. there are three groups of the transitions. The groups are Subtle, Exciting, and Dynamic content.


Except for the page itself, animations can be used on any slide content. The animations are the effect that you can use on the pictures, text, shapes, SmartArt, charts, tables, and more. Animations are amazing for different effects. The effect like entrance, motion paths, emphasis, the exit is in the animation gallery. You can design and create a better presentation with the animations and transition effects.

Conclusion of (Most used PowerPoint tools)

In this article, I introduced the most used PowerPoint tools for you. Now it is your turn to rate the article and comment below if I have missed any important tools. Provide us a feedback in the comment we will be happy hearing from you all.

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