Page Borders and Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2016

by Ali February 8, 2017 at 6:23 am

In this article, we will talk about page borders and watermarks in Microsoft word 2016. At the first, I will explain the usages of the page borders and watermarks. The borders are great for creating a proper and tidy document. Watermarks are also the best thing for advertising something. For example, on the pamphlets and brochures, we can use a watermark for advertising your company or anything. In this article, you will study about the following options.

  • Giving more information about the page borders and watermarks
  • Inserting a page border and editing/formatting it
  • Creating and inserting a custom watermark on the pages.
  • The last will be the conclusion of the article

More Information about page borders and watermarks

I hope that you all have a sight of borders such as borders in a table, borders in a chart and so on. Borders are the line that we can add them on such things text boxes, tables, charts, pictures, the page itself and some other contents. Borders can be a good thing to put emphasis on something and it also gives interest to the content. Now let talk about the page borders.

The page borders are the lines that you can add to your document pages. If we add a border with the normal margins, then the document will look a little nice and tidy. Once you add a border on one of the pages then it will be added in the rest of the pages that exist in the document. There are different kinds of the border in Microsoft word 2016. The border can be lines and other arts like apple shapes, watermelon shapes, flower shapes, tree shapes, chocolate shapes and so on. You can add the page border on the top of the page, the bottom of the page, the right side of the page and to the left side of the page. We can apply border from the Design tab and from the page background group.

How to add a page border?

As I told you in the above paragraph that we can add a page border from the design tab of Microsoft word. Click on the design tab and then find page background group from the tab. When you have found the group then click on the page border tools to add a border.

Ms office tutorial
Page Border Option

After clicking on the option a new window will appear and in from the same window you can manage the page border options. For example, you can select the size of the border and the kind of borders. Whenever you have many pages on the document and you want to add the border only on one of the pages then you can manage from here.

manage page border setting
manage page border setting

There are three options to apply the border.

  1. Whole Document: in this option when you add a page border then it will be added to all of the pages that exist in the document. doesn’t matter how many pages are.
  2. This section (First page only): when we select this option then we have added the border only on the first page of the document.
  3. This section (Except the First page): the border will note appear on the first page but It will be applied to the rest of the pages that exist in the document.

Without the above options, we have to select the border position. For example, top and bottom borders or left or right borders.

 How to create custom watermarks?

The watermarks are very helpful for advertising your company or your association. When you apply watermark on the page then the text will slightly appear but it will be readable. Many of the associations like language centers, companies, medical centers, and many more use watermarks for advertising their associations and their company brands. We can apply watermark from the design tab and page background group. Just from where we inserted the page border we can insert a watermark from the same group.

Page borders and watermarks
Watermark setting

Go to the design tab and find the page background group then there is an option by the name of the watermark. Click on the option. After clicking on the option a new window will appear. From this window, you can write a custom watermark and set the settings for a custom watermark. You can set the watermark transparency options from here. There are some watermarks ready for use in the watermark gallery.

For creating a custom watermark just click on the custom watermark option from the list. Follow the instruction in the following picture.

A new window will pop up when you click on the custom watermark option. From here you can write your custom text for a watermark. You can set a picture as a watermark in your document. Most of the companies and associations put their crest and logos as a watermark. This depends on you whether you choose the text or the picture watermark. You cannot set both text and picture as a watermark. Follow the instruction in the following picture.

Picture or Text watermark
Picture or Text watermark


This post was all about inserting page borders and watermarks. I hope you have gotten something from this article. Feel free to ask you question regarding this article. Put a comment below the post and share your ideas and suggestion about this article, we will fell happy answering your question. You can visit more post of


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