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by Ali October 6, 2017 at 6:53 am

If writing articles on blog pages is hard for you there, is another way to write and publish post and articles. Microsoft Word 2016 has a feature that you can post articles directly from there. Writing blog articles is easy in Microsoft Word 2016. Microsoft Word rectifies most of your mistakes. For example, it will underline the passive lines; it will underline word with incorrect spelling. If you are tired of rectifying the mistakes repeatedly then you are in the correct place. In this article, I will show how to Post to Blog Directly from Microsoft Word. By clicking on an option, a new Microsoft Word window will appear. The window is different from the usual interface of Microsoft Word 2016, which I will introduce it later. Once you use it then it will be easy for you to post and publish your articles.

Find post to blog article (Post to Blog Directly from Microsoft Word)

As I told in the above paragraph that you have to click on an option. The option name is “Post to blog”. Follow the following steps to find the option (post to the blog).

Go to the file backstage view and then from the right side of the window find “Share” option and click on that. Look at the following picture for clarification.

Share documents in Microsoft Word 2016

These sharing options are for sharing documents with others by email, cloud, and post to blog. We can email our documents to another person from here. Click here for more information about sharing.

Click on the post to blog option. By clicking on the option, a new Microsoft window will appear which is different from the normal view of Microsoft Word. Look at the following picture for instruction.

post to blog directly from Microsoft Word
Post to Blog

After clicking on the option, you will get a registration alert. Register to your blog or website or you can register it later. After writing the article, you can publish the article from the same window. There are many differences between writing articles on blog pages and Microsoft Word 2016. There are not many tools for editing and adding on blog pages but you can insert many things in Microsoft word 2016. For example, we can insert a table, charts, shapes, pictures, SmartArt, different text styles and more. Now work with both of them and differentiate between both. I would recommend you all to use Microsoft Word 2016 for better articles. I hope you have gotten something from this article.

Conclusion (Post to Blog Directly from Microsoft Word)

The entire article was about posting to blog directly from Microsoft Word 2016. Posting from Microsoft word 2016 is very easy and comfortable. In many cases, Microsoft Word 2016 is better than writing on blogs directly. There is a specific window for writing blog articles in Microsoft Word 2016. If you have, any question regarding this article then put a comment below the article we will answer as soon as possible. Also, provide us a feedback about the article in the comment section.

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