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by Ali September 28, 2017 at 4:01 am

Here is PowerPoint 2016 course for beginners and professionals. In this article, I will explain Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and most of the tools and options in it. PowerPoint is one of Microsoft Office app or program. PowerPoint itself is a software package designed to create presentations consisting of a series of pages or slides (According to Google). In simple words, PowerPoint is an app where you can create presentations with the slides, animations, transitions and other tools. In this article, there are tips for beginners and for the senior PowerPoint users. I recommend to both review and check all of the posts in this article.

In this article, you will find PowerPoint 2016 course. PowerPoint 2016 course include other articles about PowerPoint 2016 introduction to tabs, groups, tools, and options. I think PowerPoint 2016 course will help you with PowerPoint 2016. So let’s start from the beginning from introducing PowerPoint 2016.

PowerPoint 2016 Introduction (PowerPoint 2016 course)

Talking about PowerPoint, Microsoft released PowerPoint on May 22, 1990; it is an easy program to learn for creating professional presentations. PowerPoint 2016 is same like other PowerPoint versions but having few more updates and options. Using PowerPoint is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Presentations are consist of slides and we can design slide by these things. Text, Shapes, Word Art, Pictures, Videos, Audios, and Hyperlinks. We can apply special effects like animations and slide transitions.
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PowerPoint 2016 Interface Introduction

Here I explain the PowerPoint 2016 interface, templates, and blank pages. There are minor things that I may not have explained just put a comment below the post I will answer as soon as possible. The following information is a part of the article.

When you recently open PowerPoint, the first page that you will see is the start screen or presentation gallery of PowerPoint.
From here, you can create a new presentation by selecting a newly designed template or a blank page.
If you have any saved presentation, you can open that from the left side of the start screen, and you can open the presentation that previously you worked on.

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File Backstage view Introduction

Here you will learn about PowerPoint 2016 File Tab Backstage View. The file menu is all about presentation sharing, printing, saving and adding a new page. You can click on the “file” options to go to the file menu; the file option place is beside the home tab. There are at least eleven panels, and when you click on any of the panels, you will see many options from the individual ones. You can just exit the File menu tab by pressing ESC or clicking on the back arrow on the top. There is no other backstage view without the file menu tab.

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Home Tab with Groups and Options

Here I will explain the groups and tools functionalities that exist in the Home tab of PowerPoint 2016. we will learn about the Paragraph Group, Style Group, and Editing Group. These Groups are also for editing shapes, aligning objects and designing the objects like text, shapes, and so on. PowerPoint 2013 home tab has not many differences with other PowerPoint 2016 home tab groups. Every group in the home tab have their own specialty. For example, from the paragraph group, we can change the text direction but we cannot perform the same action from any other place. The following groups make it easy for us to format the text and objects easily.

Clipboard group

In the Clipboard group, we can perform some necessary action like cutting, pasting, and copying.
Cut: This option is very easy just select the object, shape or text and then click on the button. The shortcut key is CRTL+X.
Copy: when you want to duplicate something just select the object or text then click on the button. The Copy button is like two papers. Press CRTL+C to copy the texts or shapes.
Paste: This option is available when we have already copied or cut any text or shape. Press CRTL+P to paste the texts or shapes. We have many options of paste-like pasting only the text and text with its formatting.

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Insert Tab of PowerPoint 2016

In the Insert tab, we will get known with 50% of PowerPoint 2016. because from insert tab we add all the objects and text boxes, header, footer, charts, pictures and more. When we click on any of the insert tab tools we will get one or two more tabs that contain many other functions. Almost all of the insert tab tools insert objects like picture, shape, chart, header and footer, new slide and much more.

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A hyperlink is an option that we can create links. We can see this option on when we select an object or a text because you are going to link something to it. For example, we can create the link between two presentations. When you create the link, there are some options for using them.

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Inserting Tables in PowerPoint 2016

(PowerPoint 2016 course)

Tables include cells, which are made of rows and columns, table let us organize our data in the columns and rows. We use a table in paper and in computers and other devices for our daily requirements. We use tables for different purposes, arranging the data is one of the most common things in our daily life. The teacher uses the table for student attendance, and the shopkeeper for the management of the goods and things, there are many other usages of the table.

There are many ways of inserting the table in PowerPoint 2016. Click here for full article

Design tables in PowerPoint 2016

When you insert a table then two new tabs will be open at the last of the tab ribbon. The first tab is Design Tab and the second one is the Layout tab. We could see these tabs only when we have opened a table.
The design tab has different options and features than the layout tab. The following paragraph is a piece of information in the article.

From this tab, we can apply colors like gradient, standard colors, texture, and pictures. You can select the color for the individual cells, for the complete row and for the table itself. We also have cell effect; we can apply shadow effect and table reflection for the table we have inserted.
Border also can be applied from this tab. Applying border has also many options: border for the top row, bottom, left, right, outside borders, all table and more. Managing the border size and color is also one of the important features.

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Insert Pictures in PowerPoint 2016

Pictures are the objects that can make our presentation interesting for the audience. Every time pictures explain better than words. Everybody get things easier when there is a picture, the children will remember every story of the cartoon but they will not remember their studies just by reading. As well, adults. Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 2016 is very easy to learn how.

We can insert Pictures in two methods:
we can add the picture from the placeholder of any slide except the first slide of the presentation.
Method two, inserting pictures from the Insert Tab. In the Insert tab, we have a special group for pictures. There are many pictures inserting options like the picture, online picture, screenshot, and photo album.
Pictures: This option is for inserting pictures that exist on your computer. When you click on the option, a new window will appear then select the picture you want. You can add many pictures at one time but all will be on the same slide.

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Working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016

Working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016 is amazing and very interesting; in PowerPoint 2016, there are the variety of shapes. Shapes that shows directions, rectangles, block arrows, equations stars, callouts and action button exist in the shape menu of PowerPoint 2016. Nowadays shapes play a very important role to create an interesting presentation. Many people use the shapes in different ways. For example, we can create a slide with the custom shapes. Shapes like lines and rectangle are usable for creating a blog post or for highlighting pictures. I have used the rectangle shape to show you the lines shape in the first picture of this article. There are other ways to use the shapes of PowerPoint.

If you want to learn everything about shapes in PowerPoint 2016 then you must read this article. I highly recommend you to visit this article once.

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Charts in PowerPoint 2016

Charts in PowerPoint has no differences with the charts in the other Office programs like Excel and Word. They are useful when you want to explain data without writing long paragraphs. We use charts for arranging data in the shapes such as bar shapes, pie shapes, line shapes and more. For example, if you are a company manager you can create chart if the company unit sales are decreasing or increasing by months and years. People usually use charts for data trending. We can also arrange the table data in any kind of chart. I told you that the people use the charts in different ways and manners now it is your turn to use the charts in PowerPoint 2016. Read the following information about the chart and then go create your own chart.

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We can insert charts from the second slide of the presentation or from insert tab. When you click on the chart option then a new window will pop up and it will show the list of the chart kinds. After selecting one of the charts from the chart list, choose the style of the chart then click on the OK button.

Once you have opened a chart you will receive the chart with an Excel spreadsheet in which you have to insert your data or information and you can add information from any table you have made before. We cannot edit the information in the chart itself; we only can edit it with the Excel spreadsheet. Right-click on the chart and then click on the edit data (edit data in Excel).

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Design Charts in PowerPoint 2016

We learned many things in the previous post today we will learn about designing charts. Though we know where to use the different charts and designing charts is also important. When we insert a chart then you will see two tabs Design Tab and Format Tab. In both of the tabs, surely the tools are just for the chart designing. We can design a chart from different angels, for example, coloring the texts in the chart and axes, changing the chart type, selecting the chart style and some other formatting. Probably most of the people’s attention goes on the design of the charts. Click here to learn more about charts and kinds of charts.

A Piece of the Article (PowerPoint 2016 Course)

Quick Layout: Quick layouts are the ready and designed chart styles. When you don’t have much time to design the chart then you can use the Quick layout options. Quick layout design can be the chart elements. For example, in one of the layouts, the Axes title is horizontally and in the other layout we don’t have the Axes title and like this all of the layouts are different.

Switch Row/Column: You can manage whether the columns should be the legend and the rows should be the categories or rows should be legend and columns should be categories. You can see this button on when you insert a Column Chart and the button will work while you are in editing mode. You can see on the upper picture that salt sugar and flour are the legends but in the following picture January, February, March, and April are the legend.

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How to design a Slide in PowerPoint

Hopefully, I wish that you have remembered the designing tabs for the tools like the chart, table or picture. In that designing tabs, we learned about the design tab of that particular tools. Today we will learn about Slide Designing background and themes. Applying the design on the slide is all about coloring it in different ways. We have a special tab for designing slide and particular tools. Every beautiful themes and templates are created from shapes and coloring the slide background correctly. We have three groups in the Design Tab such as Themes group, Variants, and Customize. All of the named groups are for the slide background style. Also in this tab, we have a formatting panel in which there are the variety of colors like gradient, texture, picture, and of course, pattern fills. The shapes that exist on the themes is because of the graphics and shapes.

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In this group, we have a list of various templates that we can choose for our presentation. Almost all of the designs appear in the PowerPoint star screen or in the template list. You can use these templates to create the brochure, letters, certificate, cover pages and many other things.

We have two options in this group.

  1. Browse for themes
  2. Save current theme


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Add Animation and Transition in PowerPoint 2016

Transition and animation tabs are for the slide effects. We can animate the objects such as picturescharts, and tables with the animation tools. The transition and animation tabs are both for applying effects to the slides and objects but with fewer differences. The transition tab tools are only for the slide but the animation tab tools are for the objects that exist on the slide. Many amazing transition and animation really effect on the slide designing. With the effects on the slide, your presentation slides will look amazing and will catch the audience eyes towards the presentation. You can make astonishing presentations just with a little bit creativity and use your talent.

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Transition and Animation

The two tabs have many differences to the other PowerPoint versions. In the PowerPoint 2016, the animations such as blinds shred and more are new. The new animations have new animation options and they are amazing. In the animation tab, some options are new such as the “OLE action verbs”. Almost all of the beauty and amazingness of the presentations is by the transition and animation.

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Slide preview timing in PowerPoint 2016 (post review)

In all the previous posts, we studied about the objects such as pictures, shapes, tables and the slide designing. Today we will learn about the slideshow in PowerPoint 2016. Giving an example of the circus before going to show once they practice with themselves. They take the precaution of each mistake and then they act the show.

The PowerPoint slide show is as important as the circus acting rehearsal. Of course, after managing all the slide and components you have to fix and manage the time for the slides. For example, you have 10 slides and then you tell that in 100 seconds all the slides should appear. Before showing the slides, you have to watch the slide yourself and take out every single mistake. Put a good transition and apply great animations and correct all the mistakes then you are ready to show the slides or presentation to the audience.

Piece of the Article

As I told at the first that we could present our presentation online, form this group the third option, perform the same action. The option name is Present Online. As its name, we can guess that by clicking on this option we can present our presentation online. Of course, we can email our presentation to anyone. When you click on the option a new window will appear and then click on connect after it is connected, a link is in the box share that to the remote viewers. The second option is (send in Email). The benefit of the second option is this that you can send it to the particular people. In the first option, anyone can watch your presentation.

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Review spelling/thesaurus and translation in PowerPoint 2016

We will learn about reviewing slide components such as text, word arts, and comments. If you have a perfect slide background and a perfect slideshow timing but you do not have correct words, spelling again your presentation is incomplete. Let me show you how. For example, you write “percent” instead of “percent” then the audience will be confused that what you wrote there. For this kind of situation, PowerPoint has created a Review tab from where you can review the slide components. The reviewing can be spelling checking, finding the synonyms, translating words, comparing presentations and slides. By reviewing the slide components your presentation will be perfect from all sides.

Review tab

As I told that, we have a particular or special tab for reviewing slide components. Besides the slideshow tab, we have the Review Tab. In this tab, we have multiple groups with the different specialty such as we have proofing group for spelling checking. From this tab, we can compare two presentations and their slides. In PowerPoint 2016 there is a new and advanced option in this tab by the name of “Inking”.
By this tool, we can put more emphasis on a specific place of the slide by highlighting. The translation tool is another facility in this tab. I have divided the tools that exist in Review tab into 4 parts.
The following are the parts.

  • Reviewing slide components
  • Reviewing comments
  • Comparing the presentation
  • Inking and highlighting

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Different views of Slide

The different view of our presentation let us edit our presentation very well. We have many slide viewing options such as we can see our presentation in grayscale, black and white, and color. Of course, we have tools like ruler and gridlines to fix angels in our presentation. In addition, we have the zooming tool for viewing slides. The slide viewing options let us see every angle of our presentation. We have a particular tab for viewing slides by the name of (View). From this tab, we can perform all the action that I mentioned above. The slide viewing options do not affect the slide when you want to print or while playing the presentation. For example, when you want to present the presentation to the audience the gridlines or grayscale color will not appear.

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We have many kinds of slide viewing options in the view tab. We have eight groups in the view tab. The following are the groups. While clicking on some of the options in the group a new tab will open.

  • Presentation view
  • Master view
  • Show
  • Direction
  • Zoom
  • Grayscale
  • Window
  • Macro


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Edit Motion Path Animations in PowerPoint 2016

Here you will learn how to add and edit the motion path animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. As we, all know that we have many kinds of animations in Microsoft PowerPoint like motion path, entrance, emphasis, and exit. Lines animations are one of the most used animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. There are many motion path animations and the goodness is here that we can edit the animations. Motion path animations are like line, curved lines, circles, triangles, and many other shapes. In this article, I will show you ways to edit and add some amazing and serious motion path animations to the presentation.

Piece of the Article

We can set the animation color when the animations are ending or going to end. You can set the option as your wish. You can choose some beautiful colors. Another amazing option is moving the text with words, letter, or all at once. This option only works with the text. If we have, a text contains many words, then moving the letter one by one will look more amazing rather than moving all at once or words.

We can set the timing of the animations. For example, we can play the animation by mouse click or automatically after another. Now it depends on your presentation and on you. From the same place, we can manage the repetition of the animation. We can repeat the animation two times or more than two times. We can repeat the animation till 10 times or till the next slide.

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Create SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

I will explain Smart Art itself. What is a SmartArt? SmartArt shapes are, which contain many other shapes to express something by sequence. In addition, we can express the relationships, and list of something with the SmartArt’s. Whenever we want to show or express something with sequence then SmartArt’s are the best to use. We have the SmartArt option in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. There are different ways to use SmartArt and today I will tell some that I use. For example, if I want to make the life three stages then I can use SmartArt or if I want to make the water, cycling SmartArt is the best thing. This is a good option for school projects and business projects. Most of the SmartArt’s are well designed for everything; I mean we can use them in different ways.

So in the following paragraphs, I will create some SmartArt’s as an example and also we can edit and format everything that exists in the SmartArt. For example, we can edit the text, shape outlines, shape fill, and some other formatting.

Insert SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

It is very easy for the user to insert a SmartArt. First of all, go to the “Insert” tab of PowerPoint and then find “Illustration “group from there. When you saw the SmartArt Option then click on that.

A new window will appear and from that window, you can select any SmartArt that you like. You can see the list of the SmartArt’s that exist in PowerPoint 2016. There are some of the SmartArt’s names: List Process, Cycle, Pyramid, relationship. There are many ways to use SmartArt. For example, we can use the relationship SmartArt to show the relationships between the two things. You can see all the SmartArt’s that exist in PowerPoint in the following Picture.

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Create Custom themes in PowerPoint 2016

Here I will be showing you to create custom themes for yourselves. If you want a theme to use it repeatedly then you can create it and save it in the PowerPoint 2016. In creating a custom template, we just select kind of the text, the color of the text and the background colors. We can also format the background with the textures, gradient, solids, patterns, and texture fills. By creating a custom theme, you can make easy your work. For example, someone creates custom themes that he need always then he can easily select the theme he wants. It will be awesome to create your own theme and it is better than changing the font, color, and background repeatedly.

What is a Theme? What is a custom theme?

The theme is the style or the design of a template. Actually, we can call it custom template also. In a theme, we have the font, font color, and the background colors and design with the graphics backgrounds. Overall, we can call them a theme.

A custom theme is created by our own self. In here, we can select our favorite font and the font color and choose the background color. We can edit every single position of the objects in a theme. For example, we can change the position of the placeholder to anywhere we want. We manage the colors, text, and styles that are why we call it a custom theme. In Addition, we can also customize the templates that already is in the PowerPoint template gallery.

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Customizing PowerPoint Templates

We will learn how to customize the templates that exist in PowerPoint. Whenever we change the color, font, effect, and background style, we call it template customization. Many templates in PowerPoint have good background graphics but do not have the interesting color. We can choose any template and then customize it as our own. Instead of making another template for your work, you can just select a template and design it as your own. In the case of designing or customizing PowerPoint template, we also have the slide master option. In the slide master, we could customize everything but we cannot do such from design tab.

There are many differences between the slide master and customization from design tab. For example, we cannot insert a picture from the design tab as a background of the slide. There are fewer options for customizing PowerPoint templates in design tab rather than the slide master tab. See all the differences in the following table.

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Edit animations in PowerPoint 2016

How to edit animations in PowerPoint 2016? Not all of you may know that we can also edit the animations as the content of a slide. Animations are the effects that can make the presentation interesting. There are many animations in PowerPoint 2016 that we can edit them. Like entrance, emphasis, and exit and motion paths. Some people might think that what the need for editing the animation is. I am sure they will get their answer after reading this article. I will select four animations from each part and then I will edit and explain them. For example, I will select an Entrance animation and then I will edit it from anywhere that is Possible.

Piece of article

Effect options in PowerPoint 2016

This part is not a part of the animation editing. I wrote it for more information.
Insert, object, and then go to the Animation tab of PowerPoint. From the animation gallery, you can choose any animation you want. I will select an entrance animation this time. If you did not like the animation in the gallery, you can find more by click on the option that exists at the end of the gallery. For more entrance animations, then click on more entrance animation. If you need other kinds, there is the option. You can see the instruction in the following picture.

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How to Design Professional PowerPoint Templates

In Microsoft PowerPoint, there are many templates ready to use. You may use the templates that are in Microsoft PowerPoint template gallery. Whenever the PowerPoint templates do not suit your presentation then you have to create your own template. So before we move to design Professional PowerPoint templates let me introduce and provide little information about the template.

Templates are formatted slides that are ready to use. Most of the templates in template gallery of PowerPoint are simple but still very attractive.  We can customize or design the PowerPoint templates. We can change the color, font, background styles and more. I think you all have gotten much about the templates, now let go to design professional PowerPoint Templates.

For making a template, you need some contents like pictures, logos, icons, text, and some other extra stuff. First, you need one landscape picture. You have to try to download the best quality pictures for the slide. You may download the picture from the google image or you may visit our recommended sites.

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Create Advertising Templates in PowerPoint 2016

Most of the time we need to advertise our website or our blog to get more visitors or audience. For that, we need to create/design something that should show our website specialty or quality. Many times people use video advertisement for advertising their products, blogs, websites and more. For some beginners in blogging and website, it is hard to create a video but the picture advertisement is very easy. The PowerPoint templates are one of the easiest and no costing way to create an advertisement. You may also create a presentation for your products, website or blog but the picture/template is more comfortable. In this article, I am going to show you all how to create PowerPoint templates for website advertisements. We will move to creating advertisement template but before check out our new article about creating professional templates in PowerPoint 2016.

Piece of the article

Needed things

So starting from the first thing you need.

  • Some photos from your website or your blog.
    • You need the photo because of showing your materials that exist on your website.
    • Showing material kinds for the related audience to your content.
  • Photos must be from different parts of your website
  • High-quality photos give the best look to the template.
    • Quality really matters the template.
  • Download some tidy and stylish font.
    • For writing on the advertisement, you may need some of them.
  • Get your website or blog’s logo png.
    • This is not compulsory you can also use the text to introduce your website but the logo will look better.
  • Finally, you need the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.


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Insert Header and Footer in PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint is the easiest program of Microsoft Office, which everyone can use for many purposes still there are people who do not know the usages. This article is especially for the PowerPoint beginners. In this article, I will show you how to insert header and footer in PowerPoint 2016. Header and footer are at the top and bottom of the page. The header is on the top of the slide and the footer is at the bottom of the slide. Header and footer have a special and specific place at the top and bottom. The specific place for both is not separate from the real page or slide.

There are many other things you can add in header and footer. For example, you can add page number in the footer and the date of creation. So later on, I will show you how to insert date, slide number in header and footer. Now if you want to learn about header and footer of Microsoft Word 2016 click here.

Header and footer in Microsoft word 2016 are fully different from the ‘header and footer IN PowerPoint 2016. Now continue reading the article to learn how to insert header and footer in PowerPoint 2016.

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Conclusion (PowerPoint 2016 course)

I hope you have gotten something from the contents of the articles(PowerPoint 2016 Course). Provide us a feedback in the comment section. Do not forget to check out our latest articles about Microsoft Office.

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