PowerPoint 2016 Home Tab Groups introduction

by Ali November 11, 2016 at 4:42 am

In the Previous post, we did learn much about the Clipboard Group, Slide Group, and Font Group. In this post, we will learn about the Paragraph Group, Style Group, and Editing Group. These Groups are also for editing shapes, aligning objects and designing the objects like text, shapes, and so on. PowerPoint 2013 home tab has not many differences with other PowerPoint 2016 home tab groups. Every group in the home tab have their own specialty. For example, from the paragraph group, we can change the text direction but we cannot perform the same action from any other place. The following groups make it easy for us to format the text and objects easily.


The Paragraph groups are known by its name that it used for sentences and text management. There are many important features and options in the paragraph group.
Usages: The following are just the simple example and usages of the Paragraph Group.
Align the text and shapes to the middle, right, left. choose the line spacing from paragraph group, change the text direction to the different angels. make many columns for text paragraphs. For writing something with consequence we can use Bullet and Numbering.

PowerPoint Home Tab Group
Paragraph Group


The drawing group is especially for the shape management, adding objects and text boxes are one of the functionality that we can perform from this group. If you have many shapes on each other so you can manage which one should appear on front or backside. Also, we can change the shape size and rotate it to the many angels.

The Quick Style is one of the best options in the Drawing group, there are many designs in quick style list that we can use it for shapes or objects. The Quick style management can be shaped outline color, shape fill, and shape effects.
Shape Effects: Shape effect is having a list of interesting effects like reflection, shadow, 3-d rotation, glow, and bevel that we can apply on our objects and pictures.
Note: Some options that work with shapes cannot work with text and some that work with text cannot work with shapes. Don’t be disappointed if an option works with text but not with the shape.

PowerPoint 2016 Drawing Group
Drawing Group


In the Editing Group we have three features Find, Replace, and select. These options are easy to use.
Find: From 2 or three paragraph if you want to find one specific word so you click on find and type the text and it will automatically select that text from the paragraphs. You can also find any number or symbols from here.
Replace: This option is also like the find option but when you type the text below that you have to type something that you want to replace it with the found text. This option is useful when you want to replace a text, number, or any symbol with the one you want.
Select: We can choose the shapes or object that exist on the slide. In here we have two useful option such as selection pane and the select all option. There is a panel by the name of selection pane, in here the list of all the objects exist. We can simply hide and show the objects and the texts.

PowerPoint 2016 Editing Group
Editing Group


this article was all about the PowerPoint 2016 home tab. All the above information was just an instruction, you can use them in many ways to create more amazing things. the PowerPoint 2016 home tab is very important so you have to learn it very well. Put a comment blow the post if you have any question regarding this article.



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