Working with Home Tab Groups and Functions

by Ali November 9, 2016 at 8:41 am

In the previous post we study about the File tab and the backstage view, in this post, we will study about Home Tab and Home tab groups. Home tab is a tab that we use for editing the text and managing text positions and colors. We can give heading and subheading and align the text to center, right, left or from right to left. There are five groups including a panel in the Home Tab. Home Tab Groups are:

Home tab Groups

Clipboard group

In the clipboard group, we can perform some necessary action like cutting, pasting, and copying.
Cut: This option is very easy just select the object, shape or text and then click on the button. The shortcut key is CRTL+X.
Copy: when you want to duplicate something just select the object or text then click on the button. The Copy button is like two papers. Press CRTL+C to copy the texts or shapes.
Paste: This option is available when we have already copied or cut any text or shape. Press CRTL+P to paste the texts or shapes. We have many options of paste like pasting only the text and text with its formatting.

Format Painter: We use this option when we want to repeat the previous action. It automatically copies the style and formatting and applies on the other text. When you have two paragraph or text and you color one of them and you want the second text to be colored the same then we use format painter, first select the colored text or paragraph then click on the format painter and then click on the other text. It was just a simple usage of Format Painter we can use it in many ways.

PowerPoint 2016 Home tab clipboard group
Home Tab-Clipboard Group

Slide Group

We have slide group just in PowerPoint 2016 you could not see this group in any other Microsoft Office programs. We use this group when we need a new slide, normally when we click for a new slide the new slide is different than the first slide. There is a variety of slides design like comparison slide, Two content slides, Blank slides and more. From slide group, we can add a section for the multiple slides. We have a reset button in the Slide group, if you want the slide to get to its first shape and design so simply click on the reset button to reset the slide. It is just a short Information; options will be explained in other posts.

PowerPoint 2016 Home tab slide groupPowerPoint 2016 Home tab slide group
Home tab-Slide Group

Font Group

In the fonts group, all options work for the text coloring, text font, text cases. From the fonts group, we can edit the size of the text, underline the text, bold the text, italic the text, shadow the text and more.
Without text size, text colors we have another option for a stylish text, the options are the text cases and There are five text cases in PowerPoint, Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize each word and Toggle CASE.

PowerPoint 2016 Home tab font group
Home Tab-Font Group

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