PowerPoint 2016 Insert Tab Tools

by Ali December 12, 2016 at 7:04 am

In the insert tab, we will get known with 50% of PowerPoint 2016. because from insert tab we add all the objects and text boxes, header, footer, charts, pictures and more. When we click on any of the insert tab tools we will get one or two more tabs that contain many other functions. Almost all of the insert tab tools insert objects like picture, shape, chart, header and footer, new slide and much more.

We did study about some of them in the former post. We learn about picture, shape, chart and formatting them. Click here to review the lessons that we learned before. Picture, Shape, Chart.
get ready for learning the remaining tools that exist in the Insert Tab.

Insert Tab Tools

In the insert tab, there are at least ten groups that every group has lots of other functions and the functions have lots of options.


A hyperlink is an option that we can create links. we can see this option on when we select an object or a text because you are going to link something to it. For example, we can create the link between two presentations. When you create the link there are some options for using them.

There is an option beside the hyperlink button by the name of action. These tools have a relationship with each other. The link will be given by the hyperlink option but the Action button performs the action for the link, that is the relationship between the two of them.

PowerPoint 2016 tools
HyperLink Action

After creating the link click on the action button to put an action in the link. When you click on the action tool a new window will appear. We have two options in that window 1. Mouse click 2. Mouse over.
1. Mouse click: when you play the presentation then you have to click on the link to perform the action.
2. Mouse over: when you play the presentation then just move the mouse cursor on the link, it will automatically perform the action.

PowerPoint 2016 Insert Tab

Other Tools

Comment: comment is another tool gathering with insert tab tools, this tool is for the audience to comment on what they like or dislike. As Microsoft PowerPoint says that it is a great tool to provide feedback on any other presentation. If you select an object, then you click on the comment option then the comment symbol will appear beside or near that object. Absolutely if you give comment on the slide itself then the comment symbol will appear on any side of the slide.

PowerPoint 2016
Comment tool

Header & footer: Header and footer will appear on the top and bottom of the slide, of course, the header will be at the top and the footer will be at the bottom of the slide. For example, we can write something in the header and footer. We have more options in footer such as date and slide number. We can add a date of the day and the slide number in the footer.

PowerPoint 2016
Header and Footer

When we click on the header and footer option then a new window will appear and the window has two branches. The first branch is the Slide in which we can just edit and add items for footer and the second branch is Notes and Handouts in which we can edit footer and header.

WordArt: This option is somehow usual and we had some studies about word Art before. But again I will remind you to word art. Word Art is the ready and designed style that we can apply to any text. We have a word art option in the insert tab tools too but it is same like the other word arts that we did study before. Click here to review WordArt.

PowerPoint 2016 tools
Word Art

Beside the word art option, we have some repeated options like date & time and Slide Number. When we click on these options then it will open the header and footer window, from where we can set the date and time or add the slide number.


Object: This is another useful option in the insert tab, we can insert word documents, Excel spreadsheet, Excel Chart.

We can browse and then insert the objects like videos, pictures, and other files.

Equations: You can use equations if you need. Equations are the math formulas and you can make questions in your presentation. Beside the Equation tool, there is the Symbol tool, we can use the symbol in different places and we have lots of symbols like the currency symbol and mathematic symbols. We can insert a symbol when we insert an equation.

PowerPoint 2016 tools

Media Group

At the last of the insert tab, we have the media group in which we have the tools that we can add video and audio. Of course, we have an important and useful tool in this group by the name Screen Recording.
we can import a video from the internet or you can insert from your computer. You can insert an online video from sites such as YouTube, Facebook and from One drive account. You can insert a video from your computer if you have downloaded it. you can play it while playing the presentation or you can watch it before playing the presentation.

PowerPoint 2016 insert tab
Insert Video

In the other PowerPoint versions, you couldn’t insert a video from Facebook, this feature is added in the PowerPoint 2016.

Audio: You have two options whether you should record an audio or you can insert it from your computer. The reason that we cannot insert an audio from the internet is this that PowerPoint doesn’t support it.

Recording: We can record the screen of the computer and insert it like a video in the presentation. You can manage the recording area and the sound. In the PowerPoint, you can stop recording by pressing Shift+ Q.

The following pane will appear after clicking on the screen record option.

Insert Tab Tools
Screen Recording

You can tell me if I have missed any tools from the insert tab in the comment down.


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