Inserting Tables in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali November 14, 2016 at 8:58 am

Tables include cells which are made of rows and columns, table let us organize our data in the columns and rows. We use a table in paper and in computers and other devices for our daily requirements. Tables are used for different purposes, arranging the data is one of the most common things in our daily life. The teacher uses the table for student attendance, and the shopkeeper for the management of the goods and things, there are many other usages of the table.

Inserting Tables

There are many ways of inserting table in PowerPoint.
1. We can insert the table from the second slide of the presentation. remember the table inserting option won’t appear on the first slide of the presentation. While we click on the table button then we directly see a small window showing how many columns and rows you want and insert.

PowerPoint 2016 working With tables
Insert Table From 2nd Slide

2. Inserting table from the (Insert Tab) we have four ways of inserting a table from (Inset Tab).
Square Gallery: Hover your mouse on the squares to insert the desired amount of the rows and columns.

PowerPoint 2016 working With tables
Insert Table From (Insert Tab)

3. Draw Table: We can draw a table but it won’t look like other tables. It will look like a shape with no fill but having a black outline with a 3 pt width. Many people tell that this option is useless but they are 100% wrong.
Once you have drawn a table then a new Tab will be open at the last of the ribbon tabs by the name of layout Tab then there are options that add columns or rows to the table you have drawn. See Draw Table option on the above picture.

PowerPoint 2016 working With tables
Insert Table by Draw Table option

4. Excel Spreadsheet is one of the most useful tables, it provides us a small Excel spreadsheet on the PowerPoint slide. One of the most useful things is this that We can use formulas, functions, and equation. But you can only edit the data in Excel spreadsheet mode, not in the PowerPoint Slide mode. Double click on the table to edit in Excel mode and click anywhere on the slide to get back to PowerPoint slide mode.

PowerPoint 2016 working With tables
Excel Spreadsheet on PowerPoint slide

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