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by Ali November 2, 2016 at 7:54 am

When you recently open PowerPoint, the first page that you will see is the start screen or presentation gallery of PowerPoint.
From here you can create a new presentation by selecting a newly designed template or a blank page.
If you have any saved presentation, you can open that from the left side of the start screen, and also you can open the presentation that previously you worked on.

PowerPoint 2016
PowerPoint 2016 start screen

What are the template and a blank page?

A model of a designed page that is ready to use or a slide that consists colors, themes, theme fonts, layouts and background styles. You can use a template for emergency purposes or a quick presentation.
There are a variety of templates for the different works and different situations. Templates can be for business, Presentations, Industry, Education, Personal purposes and charts. The blank page is a fully empty page so that you can apply different designs, fonts, backgrounds, colors, and effects.

PowerPoint 2016 Interface

After clicking on any of the templates or choosing the blank page, you will get to the new window which is called PowerPoint interface.

PowerPoint 2016 Interface Introduction
Starting from the top left the corner of the PowerPoint interface. These are the quick action buttons that we call them Customize quick access toolbar, here we can add some action button from the ribbon at the last of the row.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

1: Save Button: The first action button is the save button which keeps the presentation whenever you want to save it somewhere on your PC. It would be easier to press CRTL+S to save the presentation to click that button again and again.
2: Undo Button: The second button is the Undo Button. It undoes the action that you perform or the text you write and remove the shape/picture/textbox. The shortcut key is CRTL+Z.

3: Repeat Button: The third button is the Repeat Button, this button can repeat the action that you have done it before. Try it with coloring text and then select the next text and click on Repeat Button to apply the same color on the second text.
4: Play Button: This button will show the slides that you have created in the same presentation in full screen, press F5 for the shortcut key.
5: The last button is like a ribbon when we click on that it shows a list of features with shortcuts if you tick mark on them that will appear with the other actions button. You can add and remove action button from that ribbon.

Customize Quick Access toolbar
Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Ribbon Tabs

Ribbon tabs contain tools and features that almost all of our works depend on the instruments and features that are in the groups of tabs. There are at least ten ribbon tabs in PowerPoint such as Home tab, Insert tab, Design tab, Transition tab, Animation Tab, Slideshow tab, Review Tab, View tab and format tab.
PowerPoint shows Format tab when you want to apply the design on text, shapes, pictures and charts and doesn’t appear when no text or object is selected.

Ribbon Tabs Group

A ribbon tab contains many groups and groups contain many features and functions. Typically a group includes features that work for one purpose but different usage. For example, In the Font group of home tab all the options and features work on the text and Style group for the style management of the words. Every tab contains at least 3 to 12 groups.


Zoom Options and Page View Buttons

The zoom options and page view buttons are in the bottom of the right corner. The zoom options and zoom slider is used to zoom in and zoom out the page so that the writer could manage it the way he/she is comfortable.


Page view buttons

Like its name the usage of these buttons are in how we see the presentation, there are three kinds of view. Normal, Slide Sorter and reading.
Slide sorter: We can use slide sorter when we have many slides, and we want to watch them all at once. CRTL+CLICK on slide sorter to show different views of the slides.


Comment anything if I miss from PowerPoint 2016 interface. Feel free to ask questions about PowerPoint 2016 and other Microsoft Office programs. Don’t forget to share your ideas about the post.


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