PowerPoint 2016 introduction(Microsoft office tutorials)

by Ali October 30, 2016 at 9:02 am

Talking about PowerPoint, PowerPoint was released on may 22, 1990  by Microsoft, it is an easy program to learn for creating professional presentations. PowerPoint 2016 is same like other PowerPoint versions but having few more updates and options. Using Powerpoint is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Presentations are consist of slides and we can design slide by these things. Text, Shapes, Word Art, Pictures, Videos, Audios and also Hyperlinks. We can apply special effects like animations and slide transitions.
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What are the necessary things in PowerPoint?

The necessary things in PowerPoint are slides, slide designing, Text Designing, Printing and some more for the proper and professional presentations. For creating a good presentation, you have to learn and get all the above tips. These are the basic options that we commonly use in our daily life.
The first thing people see is the slide itself and then the text or data that you have written on that slide. For example, Getting well known with slides and slide designing let us select different colors and design for various Purposes.For example, if you are giving a lecture about nature then you can choose the background of the slide green color so it does match and might look good.

Well everybody loves a good handwriting, and in PowerPoint, the text designing is as important as having a good handwriting. If you Presentation has a clean and tidy writing with a good design so it catches the attention of the audience and they will read it in a happy mood.
Printing is also one of the important features that you have to learn cause we daily use papers for reading and printing what you have created is likable.

PowerPoint 2016
Powerpoint usage

Powerpoint 2016 usages in daily life

This Program is not just about creating presentations. we can use Powerpoint in different ways such as you can create a comic book for children. Create a project with PowerPoint.  You can use to make a photo album of your photos and like these many useful works. Follow me to the next steps of knowing Powerpoint in the upcoming post. Stay tuned.

Put a comment if you have any question about PowerPoint 2016 Introduction. also, tell me if you have any suggestion or ideas.


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