PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages

by Ali August 7, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Using PNG pictures in PowerPoint 2016 is a very easy way to design the and insert many things without background. In this article, I will show your powerpoint 2016 PNG image usages. I will use it in some different situations to make you all understand and inform that the PNG images are so useful. Most of the time when we need to insert icon, logo, or other things without a background so we need the PNG form of the picture. You can download the PNG form of the pictures from the internet and also you may use Photoshop to create the PNG form of any picture. These pictures backgrounds are completely white. In this article, I will use the smoke pictures to show you the usages of the PNG pictures.

Before moving to the point I would recommend you all to read the following paragraph for more information about the PNG images. Later on, I will teach you all how to change JPEG file format to PNG.

Portable network graphics (PNG)

PNG is the shortcut of portable network graphics. These images are a kind of graphic file format. Most of the people use the PNG and JPEG file formats in 2016. The PNG pictures are easy to edit and move without the background. The PNG images don’t have any background. The article will be very long if I write all the information but if you want to learn more about PNG images click on the link. Information in Wikipedia.

PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages

So in today’s article, I will teach you all, two usages of the PNG images in PowerPoint 2016. First of all, you have to download some PNG images from the internet or other websites. There are some websites that you can find best PNG images. You can contact to the following table.

Website link
Freepngimg.com Click here
Freepik.com Click here
Sitepoint.com Click here
Pngimg.com Click here

PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages 1

The first thing you can make with the PNG images is you can use them as a slide background. It is very effective on the look of the PowerPoint slides especially when the picture size is large. In today’s article, I use the colored smoke PNG. The following picture is an example of using PNG images as a background.

PowerPoint 2016 using PNG images
Using as a background

For putting a PNG image as a background right-click on the PowerPoint slide then click on the Format Background Option. A new panel will appear at the right side of the PowerPoint window.

Click picture and texture fill from the options and then click on the file button. Browse and choose the image you want as the slide background.

Format Background
Format Background

You may also use a smoke Image just for the practice.

PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages 2

The second usage Is very cool. In here I will insert a PNG image in the text, I mean that the text will be filled with the picture. If the picture is colorful it will look more amazing and beautiful. Look at the following picture it is how the text will look if you insert a picture.

PNG image withing the text
PNG image within the text

For inserting the picture in the text, first, select the text itself then a new tab will appear by the name of Format. From the tab find the text fill option from the word styles group. click on the option and a list will appear. click on picture option and then browse and select the picture. You will see the change in the moment.

PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages
Format Tab and Text fill option


All the article was about PowerPoint 2016 PNG image usages. Most of the people don’t know that we also can use the PNG images for designing and formatting the background and the texts. There are also other usages of the PNG images in PowerPoint 2016. I will post the other usages in the upcoming articles. I hope you have learned something from the article. Put a comment below if you have any question regarding the article. Don’t forget to share your ideas about the article we will be glad to answer your questions and read your ideas.

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