PowerPoint 2016 slide show tutorial

by Ali December 29, 2016 at 8:56 am

In all the previous posts we studied about the objects such as picture, shapes, tables and the slide designings. Today we will learn about the slide show in PowerPoint 2016. Giving an example of the circus before going to show once they practice with themselves. They take the precaution of each mistake and then they act the show.

The PowerPoint slide show is as important as the circus acting rehearsal. Of course after managing all the slide and components you have to fix and manage the time for the slides. For example, you have 10 slide and then you tell that in 100 seconds all the slides should be shown. Before showing the slide you have to watch the slide yourself and take out every single mistake. Put a good transition and apply great animations and correct all the mistakes then you are ready to show the slides or presentation to the audience.

Slide Show Tab

There is a particular tab for the slide show. Beside the animation tab we have the slide show tab from where we can manage all the slide timing and the slide show itself. We can present our presentations to the online viewers and we also can email the presentation to our friends and people from this tab. We can add custom slide show. What is a custom slide show? In the custom slide show you can add some slides from the presentation as a new presentation. We can create many custom slide shows. When you create a custom slide show then it will be saved as you name it. You can hide the slide that you need but don’t want to show in the presentation. Well, this tab is useful when we want to present the slide. We have three groups in this tab.

Start Slide Group

We have three groups in this tab.

The first two options are for playing the slide.
the first option is From Beginning. When you click on this option the slide show will begin from the first slide to the end.

Slide show in PowerPoint 2016
Play slide From Beginning

the second option is From current slide. When you click on this option the slide show will begin from the slide that you are working on.

Play From Current Slide

As I told at the first that we can present our presentation online, form this group the third option perform the same action. The option name is Present Online. As its name, we can guess that by clicking on this option we can present our presentation online. Of course we can email our presentation to anyone. When you click on this option a new window will appear and then click on connect, after it is connected, a link is in the box share that to the remote viewers. The second option is send in email. the benefit of second option is this that you can send it to the particular people. In the first option any one can watch your presentation.

PowerPoint 2016 Tutorials
Present Presentation Online

After sharing the link or emailing a new tab will appear but the repeated option is in the new tab.

Online PowerPoint
Present Online Options

Custom slide is another useful option. What is a custom slide show?
In the custom slide show you can add some slides from the presentation as a new presentation. We can create many custom slide shows.

Custom slide show
Custom slide show

Set Up Group

In this group we have the most useful options for slide showing. First of all, the important option is record and set up slide show.

Set up slide show: after clicking on the option a new window will appear. From the current window we can manage all the things while playing the slide. For example, you can manage whether the animations should be played or not. You can manage which slides should be played. For example, you have 20 slide then you manage that from slide 10 to should be played not the slide before the slide ten. When you manage the option in this window then you don’t need to work on the other options.

PowerPoint 2016 slide show tab
Set Up Slide Show

Hide slide: whenever you need a slide but you don’t want it to appear to the audiences then don’t delete that. Simply hide that slide. This option hide and unhide the slides. If you want to hide many slide at once then select multiple slides, then click on the hide slide option.

Hide slide in PowerPoint 2016
Hide Slide

Rehearse timings: You can set the time that how much time you can spend on one slide or two slides.

Rehearse Timing in PowerPoint 2016
Rehearse Timing

Record slide show: it actually doesn’t record the presentation but you can fix the animation play or the slide changing time. Beside the record slide option there are some more options such as Play narration, use timing, and show media controls.
Play Narration:
when the narration option is tick on then you can apply any audio on your presentation.

Monitor group

We have two options in this group. 1. Primary Monitor 2. Automatic
you can select/choose the monitor.
let the PowerPoint choose the monitor itself. PowerPoint 2016 recommend the Automatic option.

Monitor in PowerPoint 2016
Monitor selection


We are getting to the last of PowerPoint 2016. All of the above information is less you have to work with the tools to learn better and more. If you have any question about the slide show, ask your question by writing a comment below the post. also tell me in the comment if I have missed anything from slide show tab. learn all the previous tools and tabs.


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