PowerPoint Tips for Students (Office 2016)

by Ali October 22, 2017 at 1:12 am

Most of the students do not know how they should create their presentation that all should like. Here I will show some Microsoft PowerPoint tips for students. Everyone likes a clean and tidy presentation and a professionally designed presentation. If you want to create clean and tidy presentation then you must follow some steps. How can we create clean, tidy and professional slides to impress the audience? This a great question. Of course, inserting correct pictures, managing the size, and designing correctly is a tidy work. In addition, the picture must be related to the title you write. The text you write on each slide is very important, there must not be any mistakes like (then, than) or spelling mistakes. Be careful of coloring the slides, usually, people like different colors, so you can use the gradient option. Every PowerPoint user should follow these steps to create a good presentation.

Insert a Template

If you are not a professional slide maker then no worries, you can use the templates in PowerPoint 2016. In PowerPoint 2016, there are thousands of templates, which you can use, but you must be online to find those. Where can you search the templates? Go to the file backstage view and then click on the (New) section. You can see the search box on the top of the window. Just search anything you want. For example, you can search happy birthday. Whatever you search, PowerPoint will show those templates that suits your title.

There is another way you can find the template search box. Just open a new window of PowerPoint and then you are in the same window. If you are not having a data connection, you can insert the offline templates and edit their colors, fonts, and you can insert some pictures. It is also another way to create great presentations. You can buy templates from different websites and insert it into PowerPoint.

If you are a PowerPoint beginner, click here to get enough skills to insert contents and objects.

Design the Slides (Transition & colors)

The second thing you must take care of is designing the slides. It is very important to make the slide look good, clean and tidy. You can add transitions to the slide to look better while playing the slides. Whenever you add an offline template and you do not like it too much, you can edit it. As I said in the above paragraph that you can change the colors, the fonts, and even you can delete the background graphic.

In the design tab of PowerPoint 2016, you can change the slide color; you can change the fonts, effects and background styles. From the variants group, you can add different colors and fonts. In addition, there is another great option by the name of effects. You can add effects for the slides. Look at the following picture if you cannot find the variants group.

There is also another way you can edit the slide or simply I can say you can design a blank slide. Right-click on the slide background and then click on the Format Background option. A panel will appear at the right side of the window; from there you can put a picture as a background, select gradients colors, select texture fills, pattern and solid fills. Click here for a full article about formatting background in PowerPoint 2016.

Inserting Objects

Inserting objects like pictures, shapes, SmartArt, charts, and tables are very effective while explaining the presentation. If you want to explain and make the audience understand better then use these objects. For example, you can use the chart to compare two or more things and table to manage the list of something. Pictures are much better than using only text to explain. Whenever you insert a picture in your presentation audience will think about the picture before you explain.

SmartArt is another great feature you can find in PowerPoint 2016. SmartArt can be used as a table and as a chart in some cases. There are many ways to use the SmartArt. For example, you can create the branch of something.

Review (Microsoft PowerPoint tips for students)

The last thing you are going to do is reviewing the slides and the contents in the slides. Just check the spelling so you should not do it while explaining. Review the pictures are matching your title, and the list is correct in the table. Make sure you did not use one word many times; perhaps you should search for the synonyms of the words. If there are no synonyms for the words, you can use that. You can create a clean and tidy presentation if you follow these steps.

Conclusion (Microsoft PowerPoint tips for students)

The whole article is about Microsoft PowerPoint tips for students. I show some steps that you must follow for creating a better presentation. Put a comment below the article if you have any question regarding the article. We will answer as soon as possible. Put your suggestion below about presenting a better presentation in PowerPoint.

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