How to print documents from mobiles?

by Ali November 13, 2017 at 2:14 pm

In this article, I will show you how to print documents from mobiles. We can print Microsoft Word documents directly from the mobiles phones. If you have not downloaded Microsoft Word on your mobiles then check out this article. Microsoft Word in mobiles is very easy to use and we can find all the options and tools that we see in Microsoft word on desktops/laptops. Anytime if you do not have the courage to open your computer for printing a document, you can use your mobiles to print it. In most cases, you can type any document and print it from your mobile it is the easy and time-saving method for printing. One of the most common conditions that you can use printing from mobiles is opening your emails from your mobiles and printing it from there.

You may print it directly from your email but if you want to bring some changes to the document, you can use Microsoft Word to edit the document. After you edit the document, you can easily print it from there. If you want to know, these things then let’s go through the steps.

How to Print Documents from Mobiles?

If you want to print your emails and before printing you want to bring some changes then copy the text and paste it into Word. Once you have copied the text you can add colors, add headings, subheading, underline and you can insert different objects. If you do not have a clear idea of what I am, talking about then you must read my previous article.

When you copied the text to the document then click on the sign of option on the top left. You will see a list of options then tap on the print option. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

How to print documents from mobiles?
print option(How to print documents from mobiles?)

The second thing you’re going to do is turning your printer on. When the printer is turned on the device will automatically connect to the printer and then you will see a printer sign on the screen. Just tap on the print button to print all the documents. Before printing, you have to check some important things. Make sure to see the preview of the page you are printing and the copy quantity. In addition, check the pages you want to print. For example, page 1, page 2 and other pages or all the pages.

How to print documents from mobiles?
Print Button(How to print documents from mobiles?)

That s all, it is very easy to print the documents you are having on your mobiles. There is no need of transferring the data to the computer and then print it out, you can easily connect your device to the printer in your house and print the document out. I hope you all have gotten something from this article.,m

Conclusion (How to print documents from Mobiles)

The whole article was about how to print documents from mobiles and I hope you have learned enough to make your work easier. If this trick worked for you then make sure to comment your idea in the comment section. Printing with the mobiles has become easier with Microsoft Word 2016, you can edit any document or email before printing it out. The following video is a simple tutorial on how to print the documents from your mobiles. Make sure to check out other videos and like, share, subscribe. Subscribe is a must.



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