How to Record Video on IOS Devices (without Jailbreak)

by farhad jafari July 31, 2017 at 6:15 am
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In this article, I am going to show you all how to record video on IOS devices. Many people would ask or tell that what the need of recording video from the screen is. I can say that in many positions you may need recording from the IOS screen. For example, if you have a YouTube channel and for that, you want to show from an IOS device it would be better to record the video. Not only for a you-tuber but also for everyone. Whenever you want to show something to your friend that it is on your mobile than simply record a video from the screen and show him/her. There are many other situations that you might need to record video from your device. In today’s article, I will show how to record IOS screen step by step with some pictures.

So let’s move toward the step. You will need a Wi-Fi or internet connection to open the Browser. If you get confused, you may look at the pictures that we have inserted below the steps.

Installation of the app (record video on IOS devices)

Step1. Open the browser and then type or visit the website that I will type the name. From the website, you can download the Hacked apps, apps that cost money, screen recorder without jailbreak, and even jailbreak for IOS 9.3.3.
Click on the link to visit the website.

opening safari
Step 1

Step2.  The second work you are going to do is clicking on the Apps category that exists on the top of the website page. In here you can find a different kind of apps like tutu app, plus apps, jailbreak application and much more. It is between the home and the help categories. After you opening the Apps page scroll down to find the (AirShou) app. The app is for recording IOS device screen.

Installing airshou
Step 2

Step3.Tap on the (AirShou) icon and then a new window will appear on the screen and the previous page will be blur. You can see all the information, feature and the guide to record. Scroll down and you will see the download page button, it will not download the app directly but it will take you to another page. The download page button is for directing you to a new page.

Taping on download page
Step 3

Step4. In the new page, you will have the direct download link and the same guide, information, and feature. Scroll down until you see the download button. Tap on the download button and then the download will start immediately and tap on the home button, you will see the app installing in your device

installing airshou
Step 4

Step5. After the installation of the app, you cannot open the app because the app needs to be trusted on your device. If you try to open the app it will give you a notification.

Installing the airshou app
Step 5

Solving the Untrusted problem of the AirShou

Step1. Tap on your device setting, you will see a lot of application but you need to tap on the general application. This application is for controlling the whole the device, from this application you can also reset your device, internet connection, keyboard, language and many other things.

untrusted enterprise developer
Step 1

Step2. After opening the general application scroll down until you see the device management. The device management is for managing the untrusted apps and not allowing them to open.

Tapin on general application
Step 2

Step3. Tap on the Shanxi Securities Co. ltd. It is the name of the producer of the app.

Record video on IOS devices
Step 3

Step4. After opening the application you will see another application by the name of (Trust “Shanxi Securities co. Ltd”). Tap on that and you are done, ready to open the app. After doing all these things you can open the app easily. The app will need your Facebook id or Gmail account. After inserting your account the app will work and you are ready to use the app easily.

trusting app
Step 4

Conclusion (record video on IOS devices)

All the article information was about how to record video on IOS devices. I hope you have gotten something from the article. Put a comment below the post and ask you questions regarding the article. Also, provide us a feedback about the article; we will be happy hearing and answering your questions.

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