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by Ali December 31, 2016 at 3:36 am

In this article, we will learn about reviewing slide components such as text, word arts, and comments. If you have a perfect slide background and a perfect slideshow timing but you don’t have correct words spelling again your presentation is incomplete. let me show you how. For example, you write “precent” instead of “percent” then the audience will be confused that what is written there. For this kind of situation, PowerPoint has created a Review tab from where you can review the slide components. The reviewing can be spelling checking, finding the synonyms, translating words, comparing presentations and slides. By reviewing the slide components your presentation will be perfect from all side.

Review Tab

As I told that we have a particular or special tab for reviewing slide components. Besides the slideshow tab, we have the Review Tab. In this tab, we have multiple groups with the different specialty such as we have proofing group for spelling checking. From this tab, we can compare two presentations and their slides. In PowerPoint 2016 there is a new an advanced option in this tab by the name of “Inking”.
By this tool, we can put more emphasis on a specific place of the slide by highlighting. The translation tool is another facility in this tab. I have divided the tools that exist in Review tab into 4 parts.
the following are the parts.

  • Reviewing slide components
  • Reviewing comments
  • Comparing the presentation
  • Inking and highlighting

Reviewing slide Components

This group is essential for reviewing slide components. Almost all of the tools are for the objects like text and word art. The first three groups are used for the text. We can use the first group for spelling checking and suggest the synonyms of the words. In the first group, we have two tools. 1. Spelling 2. Thesaurus
First Group(Spelling & Thesaurus)

Spelling: when you don’t know a word correct spelling then we can use this tool. Select or put your mouse cursor in the middle of any word character then click on this tool. After clicking a panel will be open at the right hand of the PowerPoint window. In the pane there are many word suggestions, you can choose the word with the correct spelling.

spelling review in PowerPoint 2016

you can see the word suggestion in the following panel.

Spelling panel in PowerPoint 2016
Spelling panel

Thesaurus: click on this option then a new pane will appear in the right hand of PowerPoint window. In the pane, search box writes a word then you will receive the synonyms below that. It depends on how you use it.

thesaurus in PowerPoint 2016
thesaurus or synonyms

the following picture shows the Thesaurus panel.


Second Group (Smart Lookup)

In this group, we only have one tool and it is Smart Lookup. When you select a word then you want to get information about that word then click on this tool. After clicking on this option, a pane will open on the right hand of the PowerPoint window. In this pane, there is the information from the web which the tool has found. The information is taken from the first page of bing. Almost all of the information is in text form.

Smart lookup panel in PowerPoint 2016
Smart lookup panel

Third group (Language)

In this group, we have two options translate & Language.
1. Translate:
when you select any word a paragraph, click on this tool to translate it. You can translate a word and a paragraph.

Translate tools in PowerPoint 2016
Translate tools

2. Language: we have two options in this Group. 1.set proofing Language 2. Language preferences

1. set proofing Language: catches the language from the word you have selected.

Set Proofing Language in PowerPoint 2016
Set Proofing Language

2. Language preferences: when you click on this tool then it will direct you to the PowerPoint language setting from where you can change the language. Remember you only can select the language when you have downloaded before. When you select the language then the translation tool will react to the same language.

Language prefrences
Language preferences


As we learned about comments in the insert tab before but today we will learn about reviewing them. We can see and read all the comments by sequence and we can delete them too. We have the switching buttons in this group such as next and previous which perform the switching action.

Comment in PowerPoint 2016
Comment buttons

Without these all we have a comment pane in the right hand of the PowerPoint. From this panel, we can read the comments and delete the comments easily. Of course, the panel is useful for reviewing comments.

Reviewing slide components
Comment panel

Comparing the Presentations

Comparing is also a way for reviewing slide components because it gives you better ideas from the other Presentation. From this group, we can compare two presentations and their slides. In this group, we also have the switching buttons which will turn on while comparing two presentations. comparing starts when you click on the compare option and browse a presentation to compare with the current. We can insert another presentation slide in the current presentation and edit them. At the last when you add some changes to the presentation you can accept or reject the changes. Almost all of the comment options are in the following picture.

Comparing presentations in PowerPoint 2016
Comparing presentations

When all of the reviews is done then click on end review to end the comparing. Work with the button and tools to learn them better.

In this group, we also have the reviewing pane.


It is the last group in the review tab. By clicking on this option you will be directed to the new tab. In the new tab, there are lots of new tools with amazing features. There are tools such as a pen, highlighter, eraser, lasso, and different brushes.

Writing tools in PowerPoint 2016
Drawing tools

With the pen and highlighter, we can draw shapes and highlight the important points or texts.
we can use the eraser to erase the drawings, shapes, and highlighted places.

We have a full-length list of the pen and brushes that we can use them to highlight or draw. Also, we can select the color and the width of the pens and brushes.

Pens in PowerPoint 2016
Pens kind

Use the lasso selection to select the drawing to change them into shapes.
It is just some beginner tips, you can use these tools as advanced as you can.



All the information was for the review tab tools hope so you have learned something and share it with others. Ask if you have any question about reviewing slide components. Click here to learn previous lessons.


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