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by Ali December 31, 2016 at 4:57 am

In this article, we will learn about slide viewing options. The different view of our presentation let us edit our presentation very well. We have many slide viewing options such as we can see our presentation in grayscale, black and white, and color. Of course, we have tools like ruler and gridlines to fix angels in our presentation. Also, we have the zooming tool for viewing slides. The slide viewing options let us see every angel of our presentation. We have a particular tab for viewing slides by the name of (View). From this tab, we can perform all the action that I mentioned above. The slide viewing options don’t affect the slide when you want to print or while playing the presentation. For example, when you want to present the presentation to the audience the gridlines or grayscale color will not appear.

Slide viewing options from (View Tab)

We have many kinds of slide viewing options in the view tab. We have eight groups in the view tab. The following are the groups. While clicking on some of the options in the group a new tab will open.

  • Presentation view
  • Master view
  • Show
  • Direction
  • Zoom
  • Grayscale
  • Window
  • Macro

Here are some simple usages of the slide viewing options in the View tab.

Presentation View

In this group, we can see the options that we did study before about them such as Normal presentation view, and read mode view. We have three new options. Before Reading the paragraphs look at the pictures.

Normal view: this view option is the normal view of the presentation slide. We can use this option when you want to switch from other view option to the normal view.

slide viewing options
Normal view

Reading View: It makes the slide full screen to read the content on the slide.

Reading View

Outline View: before reading this paragraph look at the following picture. if you have at least 30 slides then you must use this view options because it makes your slide a small icon in the left hand. When you click on any of the slides then beside that you can edit the slide very well.

Outline view

Slide sorter: you should use this option when you want to compare the slides between them. It arranges the slide in one-page side by side then you can compare them. You can easily delete the slides from here. Of course, it will be easy to change the places of any slide from this viewing option.

PowerPoint 2016 slide sorter view
Slide sorter

Notes page: It gives a large space below every individual slide to add notes to the slide. When you switch to the normal view option then you will see the notes there also.

PowerPoint 2016 note page
Notes Page

Master Views

The master views are advanced options of slide viewing. These options are very useful to design your slide. We have three option in the master view group such as slide master, handout master, notes master.

Slide master: when we want to design a template then this option is best for the work. The specialty of this option is that you can design the templates background’s graphics. A new tab will appear after clicking on this option. From this tab, you can edit the theme background graphics. You can change the template font, color, effect and you can add the placeholder in your template. After creating your own theme or template don’t forget to save the theme because you can use it when you need.

PowerPoint 2016 slide master
Slide Master

Handout Master: again when you click on this option a new tab will open. We can use this tab to edit the handouts such as header and footer. We can change the places of header and footer. Like the slide master, we also can change the handouts color or font.

Handout Master

Notes master: when you click on this option then you will be directed to the tab. You can add a background style from this tab and some repeated action such as applying color, font, and effect.

Notes Master


This group is very easy to use. Just tick mark the options to show and untick not to show. The options are the ruler, gridlines, and guides. We can use these options to manage the slide components to the correct places I mean in the correct angels. We can use this for the correct object placement.

PowerPoint 2016 show group
Show Group


Well, there is some language that starts from the right hand so PowerPoint has created an option for changing the side. In this group, we only have one option. That is view direction. The direction can be from left to right and from right to left. All the slides and the slide pane will move to the right hand but the components will not move. If you get bored from one side, then you can change the side. Changing the side actually look great. Try it.

PowerPoint 2016 change direction
Presentation Direction


We can use the zoom options to read correctly and to view the slides and presentation very well. We can zoom up to 400 percent. A zoom slider exists in the right hand of the PowerPoint window to manage the zooming conditions. There is another useful option by the name of “Fit to window”. Many time we cannot manage the zoom slider to fit the slide to the window on that we can use this option.

PowerPoint 2016 zoom options
Zoom options


From the name of this option, we can guess what the options can do. If we select or click on the grayscale option, then all of the slides will be grayscale. If we click on the color option, then all of the slide’s color will be colored as it was. We have another option which is black and white. The color of the slide can be black and white.

Gray scale color in PowerPoint 2016
Grayscale colors

When you click on the black and white option then a new tab will appear. In the new tab, there are some more options for the black and white color. When you want to print the slide the colors will be changed to the first colors. Also when you want to play the presentation the slide will be colored not black and white or grayscale.

black and white colors in PowerPoint 2016
Black and White colors


When you have two or more windows then you can use the options that exist in this group. There are options such as arrange all, cascade, switch windows. You can add a new window by clicking on the option “New Window”.

Arrange: When you have two or more windows then click on arrange to arrange them side by side on the computer screen. In this view, we can switch to any presentation and work on that.

Arrange two Presentations in PowerPoint 2016
Arrange two Presentations

Cascade: the cascade view is good to be used when you have more than two windows. It arranges the presentations behind each other and you can work on the the individual at one time.

Cascade presentation view in PowerPoint 2016
Cascade presentation view

There is the last option that you can switch to any presentation that you want. There is a list of all presentations and from the list, you can switch to any presentation.

switch window in PowerPoint 2016
Switch window


All of the above options and tools exist in the View tab of PowerPoint 2016. You can use the options according to your need. All of the options are important to work with all of them late to learn more. Of course, If you have any question regarding slide viewing options then put a comment below the article, I will answer as soon as possible. click here to learn previous lessons.


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