How to Sort Descending in Microsoft Access 2016?

by Ali December 20, 2017 at 1:35 pm

In this article, I will show how to sort descending in Microsoft Access 2016. Sorting ascending and descending is managing information or records from A to Z or Z to A. Sorting is a good feature that exists in all most all of Microsoft Office programs like; Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and etc. I will guarantee that after applying sorting your records will look tidy. In addition, finding the records will be much easier after sorting ascending or descending. Today I will be explaining to you how to sort descending in Microsoft Access 2016 so stick with us until the end.

You may watch the video if you are not interested in reading. The video is placed at the end of the article.

Before moving to the steps add a table and add some records. If you already have created a table then start reading the first Heading. The following table (Student Table) is just an Example.

First, go to the design view of a table and then add some headings like; Name, F/Name, Class, Teacher, Class Room, Year joined etc. After you add, some records then move to the datasheet view of the table to add some records. I would recommend you to add more than five rows with different words (Name etc.). As you can see in the following picture that I have added, six rows and all are the words starts with a different Alphabet. For knowing the changes better add a name starting with (A) like; Ali and add a name starting with (Z) like; Zakir. Have a look at the following picture if you didn’t get me.

How to Sort Descending in Microsoft Access 2016

Without wasting more time on explanation, let’s move through the steps. There are two steps to follow.

Step1. From the Home Tab, find sort & filter group. Look at the following picture if you cannot find.

Ascending and Descending in Microsoft Access
Ascending and Descending

Step2. Once you have selected the table you want to sort then click on the Ascending option to sort from A to Z and click on Descending for sorting from Z to A. There is another option below the sorting options; the option name is Remove sort. It will remove the sorting options. Look at the picture above.

These were the two easy steps to sort ascending and descending in Microsoft Access 2016.

Conclusion (How to Sort Descending in Microsoft Access 2016)

The whole article is about how to sort Descending in Microsoft Access 2016. As you, all know that most of the time we work with lots of records, for arranging them tidy you can use Ascending and Descending sorting. It will also help you to find the records quickly. Share your ideas with us in the comment section. I hope this article helped you much. Also, watch the following video for more explanation. Don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel because we post daily about Microsoft Office programs and other video tutorials.


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