Sort Months and Days in Microsoft Excel 2016

by Ali December 17, 2017 at 12:41 pm

In this article, I will show how you can sort months and days in Microsoft Excel. If you want to sort the name of the months from Jan to Dec then read this article. There is also an option to sort the days of the week. For example, we can sort from Saturday to Friday. Sorting in other Microsoft Excel 2016 is better than sorting in other Microsoft Office programs. For example, in Microsoft Word, you can only sort A to Z; there is no sorting for months and days of the week. You can use sorting in the tables to manage the information in sequence. Whenever the information is arranged by sequence, we call it sorting. Follow the steps in the following heading to learn how to sort months and days in Microsoft Excel 2016.

How to sort A to Z in Microsoft Excel

Well before moving to the custom sorting, I recommend you to have a look at this. Sorting A to Z is also another method to organize the info by sequence. It is also a great way to find information quickly because if you are looking for something that starts with an A then search the first section to find it. This kind of sorting will organize the information only by the first letter of the word.

Write some different names or words, it can be anything. After you have typed everything then go to the editing group in the Home tab. Click on the filter and sort option and then choose the first option to sort from A to Z and click on the second option to sort from Z to A.

Sort Months and days in Microsoft Excel 2016

Sorting information gives you a great preview of the info.
As an example before starting the steps, write some name of the weeks or write the name of the months but not in sequence. For example, December, January, April, March and more. You may also write the name of the weeks like; Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and more. Look at the following picture if you do not have an idea.

Names of the week

Step1. Select the row or the column that you have typed the value in then find the Editing group and then click on Filter and sorting option. You will the list of the options, click on the third option (Custom sort). A new window will appear right after you click on the option. Have a glance at the following picture for more instruction.

Sort & Filter in Microsoft Excel
Sort & Filter

Step2. After the new window appeared from the order section, select the Custom List option.

Microsoft Excel 2016
Order section

Step3. Another window will appear and from the right side of the window, you can select the kind of sorting you need. If the list you have typed is in full form like; January, February, March then select the full form of the months but if it is in short form like; Jan, Feb, Mar then select the short form of the months. Follow this tip for sorting days of the week too. You may also create your own sorting list.

Create Custom List in Microsoft Excel2016
Create Custom List

Conclusion (Sort Months and days in Microsoft Excel 2016)

The whole article was about how to sort months and days in Microsoft Excel 2016. Sorting is a great way to organize information and will manage information for us to find quickly. Sorting in Microsoft Excel is much better than sorting in other Microsoft Office programs. I hope you have learned something from this article. Share your ideas regarding this article with us. Also, feel free to ask your questions, we will answer your questions as soon as possible. Do not forget to check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials.


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