Table of contents (Microsoft word 2016)

by Ali July 31, 2017 at 7:01 am

In this article, I am going to show and explain the table of contents that exist in the preferences tab of Microsoft word 2016. The table of contents tool is very useful in many conditions. You may use it like a highlighting option or tool. Later on, I will explain that how we can use it as a highlighting tool. The table of content makes the list of the heading and the sub heading that exist on the page or the document. by the help of this option, we can easily make a list of the headings and the sub headings. Mostly people use the table of content tool to make long notes and books.

Whenever you insert a table of content and if it shows the headings and the subheadings by pressing control button and clicking on one of the headings, you will be directed on the heading. The mouse cursor will be on the heading that you click on it. There is also another table of content by the name of (manual table of content). You can fill the table with the things that you need.

Inserting Table of contents

Before inserting a table of content you need to insert some headings and subheadings. So for writing some content, you may type =rand () to insert some text to the page or document. After that, you may write something and make it heading number 1. It is the first step of inserting the table of content.

table of contents
Create headings

So after inserting a heading insert some sub headings. Below the heading 1 will be sub headings. You can see in the following picture.

Heading and Sub headings
Heading and Sub headings

So add 3 or 4 headings and add subheading in them to make the table of content look better. After inserting the needed headings and subheadings find the References tab.

In the references tab, you may see the table of contents group. The first group is the table of the content group in the references tab. Click on the table of the content tool.

References and table of contents

After clicking on any of the 3 options you will see the table of content below the text. Click on the first one to make a table of the headings and subheadings. It will automatically add the headings and subheadings in the table. The table 1 and table 2 has no differences at all but the third table is completely different from the other two tables.


The benefit of using a table of content is this that every time you add a new heading and subheading it will be automatically added to the table of content. Each time you add a new heading or subheading click on the (Update table) option. It was all the steps to insert a table of content.


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