Tell me Feature in PowerPoint 2016 (Office Tips)

by Ali October 17, 2017 at 2:03 pm

In this article, I am going to explain how to work with Tell me feature in PowerPoint 2016 works. The real name of this feature is too long (Tell me what you want to do). Actually, it is a search box; you can search anything about PowerPoint. For example, how to insert a table, insert the chart, insert pictures, text box, change the font. It is more like a toolbox in which we keep all the tools. Whenever it is hard for you to find something, you can directly search the option name. The option will appear just below the text box. Some people call this the shortcut way. This is not available in other PowerPoint versions except PowerPoint 2016. I think it is one of the most useful features in PowerPoint 2016. The tell me box is also available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other Office 2016 programs.

How it works (Tell me Feature in PowerPoint 2016)

Working with Tell me box is very easy, just type something in the search box and the result will appear automatically after you type. From the result click or just hover your mouse on the option to insert something. For example, you can search for Find option, and then from the results, you can click on what you need. If you cannot understand my words correctly then you may look at the following picture.

Tell me Feature in PowerPoint 2016
Example for Tell me

If you do not get any result for the thing you searched then you can click on get help or Smart Lookup. After clicking on smart lookup, it will search on the web. Most of the time the first thing you will see will be an article from Wikipedia or Microsoft Office. If you click on get help option then it will show the topic and helps from Microsoft Office website. Both are useful for the uncommon things you search in the tell box. You need to try these options for once they are really amazing and useful.

Conclusion (Tell me Feature in PowerPoint 2016)

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