The Correct way of Deleting Contents in Excel 2016

by Ali August 23, 2017 at 5:57 am

In this article, I will show you The correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016. Most of the time people don’t know how to delete picture or contents in the cell or spreadsheet. Now deleting is a simple thing but sometimes you want to clear just the cell content, not the cell style. Many people directly delete all the cells instead of deleting the content or text in the cell. I want to show you the correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016. In Microsoft Excel 2016 deleting cells are very easy. Just select the cells and then press the delete button on your keyboard. People don’t do it in the correct way. For example, instead of deleting the cell content people usually delete the complete cell. So now let’s move to delete the contents with the correct way.

Cell Content (The correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016)

Now here I will show the correct of deleting the text in any cell. Now if you have written something in the cell mistakenly and you have filled at least 10 cells. Also if your table or cells are designed and customized with colors and formatting. Don’t delete the cells itself by selecting them and pressing the delete button of the Keyboard. Select the cells with the mistaken texts and then right click on any of the selected cells.

You will see a list of options and find the clear content option from the list. Click on that. By clicking on the option only the texts in the cell will be removed not the formatting and designs. Most of the people don’t know the correct way of deleting the mistaken texts from the cell. Instead of deleting the word they delete the cells completely. It will waste your time to format the cells once again. Look at the following picture for more instruction.


It was the correct way of deleting the cell words or texts. Now let’s move to the next option.

Deleting Cells, the Correct Way

Here I want to show you the correct ways of deleting the cells. On the above paragraph, I told about deleting the cell content. Let move to learn how to delete the cells in the correct way. For deleting cells, we don’t need any special rule just select the cells and press the delete button from the keyboard.

After pressing the delete button, you will see some four options for deleting the cells. The options are (shift cells left, shift cells up, the entire row, entire column). You may guess their effect by their name. If you delete the cells and then select the first option, the remaining the cells will shift to the left. Actually, it means that the remaining cells will replace with the deleted cells. If you select the Entire Row option, then it will delete the complete row and will insert the same amount of rows that you delete. It is automatic. Both remaining options are also the same as these two. Now it is your time to try and learn.

Delete cells
Delete cells

There are four other deleting options without the four I mention on above paragraph. Find the cells group from the Home Tab of Microsoft Excel. There is just one different thing and that is the delete sheet option. Once you click on the delete sheet it will delete the complete sheet. Look at the following picture.

Delete Only
Delete Only

Clear Conditional Formatting

Well, this is another thing that people usually get confused on how to delete or clear the formatting from the table. The formatting cannot be deleted directly by pressing the delete button on the keyboard. So from the same place that you insert or add the formatting, you can clear or delete that also.

Now the conditional formatting is on the Home tab of Microsoft Excel 2016. Find the option and then click on that. After clicking you will see an option at the end of the options with the name of “Clear rules” click on that. New options will appear and then click on any of them to clear the formatting. There are options for deleting the formatting from the sheet or from the selected area.

If you have a table with conditional formatting, you can remove the formatting from the same place you insert. This is how easy we can clear the conditional formatting. You don’t need to delete everything and write it from the first just to clear the conditional formatting.

The correct way of deleting Contents in Excel 2016
Clear Conditional Formatting

Deleting the Shapes, Pictures, SmartArt, and Charts

Deleting these things are so easy because we don’t have any special options for deleting them. Just right click on the object or content and then find delete and click on that. Also, select the object and then press the keyboard button to delete it. Sometimes after right clicking, you won’t see the delete option especially while right clicking on the pictures. These things are very easy to delete and insert them quickly. Now there are some other important things to mention. For example, how you can remove duplicates from a table. Now I will tell those little things that can make a problem for you all.

Remove Duplicates from the table

Many time you may type something two times or more than two times. If you have a long record it will be hard to find out and clear them. The easiest way is to select the table itself and then click on the option. The option name is “Remove Duplicate”. You can find the option from the Design tab for the table tools. From the same tab, you can find the “remove duplicate” option.

Remember that the object from which you want to remove the duplicate should a table otherwise you cannot find the “remove duplicate option. you may take a look at the following picture for more instruction.

Removing Duplicate Values
Removing Duplicate Values

The Correct Way to Clear Designs and Formatting of Texts

Here I will show how to remove or clear the formatting of the texts in Microsoft Excel. People usually delete all the text just to remove the formatting and then that write the words once again. It is very easy to remove all the formatting and designs of a text. Simply select those words or texts that you want to turn them to normal size and font. After the selection find the editing group from the Home tab of Microsoft Excel 2016. From the group find the Clear option and click on that.

A list of options will appear and from there click on clear formats. It will clear all the formatting of the text. So this is how you can return a text to normal size and don’t.

Conclusion (The correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016)

In this article, we learned the correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016. I hope so you have learned the correct way of deleting contents in Excel 2016. Share, comment if you liked the article. Also, don’t forget to share your ideas about the article. Check out our other article regarding Microsoft Office programs.

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