Transition and Animation in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali December 27, 2016 at 4:58 am

Transition and animation tabs are for the slide effects. We can animate the objects such as picture, charts, and tables with the animation tools. The transition and animation tabs are both for applying effects to the slides and objects but with fewer differences. The transition tab tools are only for the slide but the animation tab tools are for the objects that exist on the slide. There are many amazing transition and animation that really effects on the slide designing. With the effects on the slide, your presentation slides will look amazing and will catch the audience eyes towards the presentation. You can make astonishing presentations just with a little bit creativity and use your talent.

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Transition and Animation

The two tabs have many differences to the other PowerPoint versions. In the PowerPoint 2016, the new animation such as blinds, shred and more are added. The new animations have new animation options and they are really amazing. In the animation tab, some new options are added such as the “OLE action verbs”. Almost all of the beauty and amazingness of the presentations is by the transition and animation.


As I told many times that transition tab is the effects only for the slide, not the slide components and objects. In the transition, there are four groups and each group is for the slide transition management.

The first option in this tab is Preview. We can use the preview option to play the presentation with the effects like transition and animations. Press F5 to quickly preview the presentation. You may need this option during applying effects because you have to see what kind of effect is this.

Transition and animation

The second group in this tab is Transition list. There is a list of transitions that you can choose and apply on the slide. We have different kinds of transitions such as honeycomb, blinds, wipe, push and much more. There are three essential group of transitions such as subtle, exciting and dynamic content. In every list of the group, there are many transitions. Some of the transitions are newly added in PowerPoint 2016. Vortex, shred, and blind are added in PowerPoint 2016. You can download transitions from the internet and add it to PowerPoint 2016.

PowerPoint 2016 transitions

more transitions.

Transitions in PowerPoint
More Transitions

We have another option in transition list group that is the Effect Options. This option depends on the transition itself. Some of the transitions have more than 5 options but some have two options. For example, the blind transition has two options and the glitter transition has more than 7 options. Some of the transitions have no options such as honeycomb Transition. Using different options for transition make the presentation more beautiful.

PowerPoint 2016 effects
Effect Option

The last group in the transition tab is the timing group. We can manage the time that when the transition should be played or the animations. We can fix the time. From this group, we can select the sound for when the transition play.

Timing Options


The animation tab is an important tab. In this tab, there are many tools that we can give animation to the objects that exist on the slide. There are four groups in the animation tab.

The first option in the animation tab is the Preview option. It works also like the preview option in the Transition tab but with fewer differences. The preview option in the transition tab show the effect of the complete slide but the preview tool in the animation tab shows the animation effect on the objects that exist on the presentation.

Animation Preview

The second group is the Animation group. In this group, we have a list of animations that we can apply on the slide existing objects. We have five kinds of animation. The animations are the entrance, emphasis, exit, and motion path. Each of the animations has its own specialty and place of usage. As the transition tab has an effect option also we have an option in the animation tab. It shows the different styles of any animation.

Animation effect options
Animation effect options


Beside the Effect option, we have the advanced animation group. In this group, there are some useful and advanced options for inserting effects such as we can paint an animation of our self. We have an animation pane. In this pane, the list of all animations appears that we have used it in the presentation. we can edit the animations too from this pane.

The last group in this tab is timing group. We can manage that when the animation playing time. We also can fix the duration of the animation.


Transition and animation tabs are important and useful tabs so you have to learn more about this two tabs. I will give extra information about this two tabs in the future articles. The tools that exist in this two tabs gives a good feeling and amazingness to the audience. Probably there might not be a person to dislike the transition and animation.

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