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by Ali February 26, 2017 at 2:25 pm

In this article, I will show you all how to use formulas in Microsoft Excel 2016. Today I will create a project and I will use simple and common formulas. We use the formulas to make our work easy. For example, it will be easy to sum the numbers automatically for all the cells rather than typing one by one. Not only the sum formulas we have many other formulas that we can use in different projects and places. In this article, I will create a cloth company table. In this table, I will insert some columns and some customer names. Of course, I will use some formulas.

Note: Once you get the formula then you can use it on any kind of the projects. Understanding the formula itself is the main point of this article.

For creating the header of the table first merge some of the upper cells. Select a range in which you are going to type the company name of the table title. After selecting the range click on the Merge option that exists in the alignment group of home tab. Write the title in the blank space. Now let’s create the table contents and columns.

Create a Company Table

First, you will add a number of the columns that you need in your project. So now in this project, I need nine columns. Some important columns like Customer name, Product kind, and the price must be added. For creating a cloth company, you must add these columns: Customer name, Cloth name, quantity, Measurement, Rate, Cost, Paid, Unpaid. Once you have created the columns then you fill the rows with the correct information. So now our table is ready for some formulas.

Cloth Company Columns

It will be more interesting to edit and format the tables and the cells. For example, we can use the conditional formatting on the number records that would look more awesome. You may also change the font of the texts and the table color.

You can take some instruction from the following picture. In the following table, you can see the columns that we need for a cloth company.

Once your table is ready and you have added some record then we are ready to use the formulas on the table. So now follow the steps in the next paragraph to insert or add formulas to the table.

Apply/insert formulas in Microsoft Excel

When we have created the table and the contents we can now apply the formulas on the cells. The formulas that I will use in this project are the following.

  • =cell*cell
    • We will multiply the first cell with the second cell. The cell depends on the position of your table and the cell which you are going to multiply.
  • If: If is one of the most used formulas in Microsoft Excel 2016. We often use this formula to put a bet or a condition. In this project, we also put a condition with the if formula. Details remain for later.

Ok, so now we also have some introduction with the formulas. It is easy now that we should use the formulas.

Go to the table and go to the first row of the (Cost) column and then type = at the first then select the first row of the quantity column. Then type (*) then select the rate of the product. That is all. Now apply the formula on all of the records of the Cost column. Once you apply the formula to all of the records of the Cost column then it will automatically multiply the rate and the quantity of the product.

Formulas in Microsoft Excel 2016

Our second Formula is =If(cell=cell,”ok”,cell-cell)

If you have created the table as my table, then you can take instruction from the following picture. On the upper formula, every cell has a particular address. For example, f3 or g5 or any other cell address.

(IF) Formula in Cloth company project

When you type the formula just click outside of the cell or any other place outside of the formula bar. Of course, you can enter to close the formula. That is all now you have successfully created the cloth company table with formulas.


In this article, we learned some formulas in Microsoft excel projects. Talking about the (IF) formula, the if formula is one of the most used formulas in Microsoft Excel. I hope you got something from this article. Now go and create your own company table and use many of these formulas in your projects. Put a comment below the post I am interested answering your questions. Also, give us a feedback regarding this article we will be happy hearing from you all.

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