How to Use Hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2016?

by Ali June 4, 2017 at 8:06 am

In this article, I am going to show you all How to use Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2016? The hyperlink is a great source to link your other project to the document. you can link anything to any Microsoft Word document. Adding multiple links won’t matter to your document. you can create a link with things like videos, music’s, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, Access databases, and more. In Addition, you can create links to any website or web page. I will talk about it more in the other paragraphs. The good performance of the hyperlinks is after moving the hyperlink it will not be deleted. For example, if I cut a hyperlink from the one-word document and paste it into another document the hyperlink will remain still.

You can create a hyperlink to the same document you working on. Creating hyperlinks in the same document is like inserting a bookmark in the document. in this article, I will explain how bookmarks work.

Ways to insert hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2016

In Microsoft Word 2016 there are two methods to insert a hyperlink. Both of the ways works correctly. After clicking on the options both will redirect you to the same window.

Method 1. In the first method, select the word on which you want to create the link then right click. A list of options will appear then find Hyperlink from the options. Click on the Hyperlink option.

insert hyperlink in Microsoft word
Method 1

After clicking a new tab will appear, from there you can create the hyperlink. I will show you how to create hyperlinks but here I will explain the methods.

Method2. In the second method, you also select the text or the object than from the insert tab of Microsoft Word you have to find the hyperlink option. click after you find the option. you will be redirected to the same tab as the first method.

Microsoft Word hyperlinks
Method 2

Note: selection of the words won’t matter the hyperlinks. You can select as many words as you want. Selecting only letters also won’t affect the hyperlink.

How to create Hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2016?

On the above heading I told the methods of inserting a hyperlink but here I will create some hyperlinks. We can link an object or text to many things like other document, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, access databases, text document and more. This time I will create a hyperlink with a PowerPoint 2016 presentation that I made before.

Once you click on the hyperlink option then a new window will appear. From the window, you have to select the object that you want to link. The instruction is in the following picture. In the address bar, you can paste any web page URL.

Create Link in PowerPoint 2016
Create Link

Now you have created a link to the PowerPoint Presentation. Every time you want to open it press CTRL+CLICK. Press control button then clicks on the link. If you create a web page hyperlink, then after clicking the link will open with the default browser of your system.

Creating link within the document

As I told you all at the first that we can create a link to the content of the document that you are working on. For example, you can create a link to a bookmark and a text. You can create a link between first of the paragraph with any text at any other page. Once you open the hyperlink window then find (Place in this Document) option from the left side of the hyperlink window.

Create Link Within Document in Microsoft word
Create Link Within Document

Click on the option then you will see three options there. The options are top of the document, bookmarks, and headings. It means that we can create a hyperlink between an object and the options. You have to insert headings and bookmarks before creating hyperlinks.

Select an object or a text then clicks on any of the options that exist in the hyperlink window. Your hyperlink is created now.

Adding Bookmarks and Headings

We need bookmarks to create a hyperlink with it. What is a bookmark?
A bookmark is a selection of words or text that we make a sign of it in the bookmarks window. We bookmark those words or sentences that we want to review later then instead of scrolling down and up you can add a bookmark.
Some people will say that instead of bookmarking we can use the Find option. my answer is that how many sentences will you remember to use the find option for reviewing them. There are a few steps to follow for adding a bookmark.

Step1. Select any sentence, word, or letter and find bookmark option from the Insert tab of Microsoft Word. Click on the option after your find.

Bookmark in Microsoft Word 2016

Step2. Write a name for the bookmarked place then click on the Save button to save the bookmarks. You can add as many bookmarks as you want.

Insert Bookmark in Microsoft word
Insert Bookmark

Add headings and subheadings

Headings are in the style group of the home tab. they show which part or portions are related to the specific title. Headings and subheadings are usually the titles of a topic. For example, if I want to talk about the usages of the computer then the title must be Computer itself. Adding heading are very easy. Frist select the text you want as a heading then clicks on the Heading style. Subheadings show that they are the part of the heading. Headings are just like the bullets.

Headings in Microsoft word

There is a clear example of the headings in this article. The words with big size are the headings and smaller than that are subheadings.


I wrote this article for clarifying the hyperlink option that most people don’t know the usages. I hope you got something forms this article and provides us a feedback in the comment. Also fell free to ask questions regarding the article.

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