Useful Options of Microsoft Word 2016

by Ali June 9, 2017 at 8:19 am

some of the options are really amazing and useful that we can use them daily in our documents. In this article, I am going to introduce useful options of Microsoft word 2016. Well, all of the options has their own specialty but some are most used and more useful than the others. Options like SmartArt’s, shapes, page borders, and watermarks are useful options of Microsoft word 2016. For example, in every document border makes the document beautiful and amazing. Also, we can use the watermarks to advertise our company or other sources. The drop can and text boxes of the Microsoft word 2016 is also amazing and useful. Especially the drop cap options are used a lot and are amazing. There are some more options that I will introduce later. Now I will explain them one by one.

Shapes and SmartArt in Microsoft Word 2016

If you worked with shapes before then you may know that we can design things with the shapes. there are shapes like rectangle, basic shapes, block arrow shapes, equations, and callouts. you can use the shapes in everywhere of the document. According to the needs of yourself use the shapes. there are no differences between the shapes in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Click here to learn about all the shapes.


SmartArt are consisting of many shapes. SmartArt is a better way to explain anything. If you want to show the cycle of water, then SmartArt is the best tool for that. Not just the example of water there are many ways you can use the SmartArt. It is just simple to use and is effective for the project. Click on the link to learn the usages of the different SmartArt’s. there are no differences between SmartArt of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Page Borders and Watermarks

Page borders and borders both are useful in the word document. That is because in Microsoft word we create books, magazines, articles, letters, and ca applications. Now for a formal writing, you need a suitable page border. You can use the page borders for making a clean and tidy document, especially if you are writing a cv or a work application to anywhere. I usually insert page borders to the right and left part of the document but inserting on top and bottom may also look good. It is your time to try it. Click here on the link if you don’t know how to insert a page border. Get extra information about the page border, follow the link.


Watermarks are another good way to advertise your company or your association. Associations like language center, medicals, and hospitals insert a watermark on their papers. Whenever you take a prescription from a hospital then you might notice a very slight word. That word which looks slightly is the watermark. You only have this option in Microsoft Word. That is why watermark is one of the useful options of Microsoft Word 2016. Click on the link in the above paragraph if you don’t know how to insert a custom watermark in Microsoft Word 2016.

Watermark in Microsoft word 2016

Text Box and Drop cap

Text boxes in the Microsoft word 2016 are different than the text boxes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. Text boxes in Microsoft Word 2016 are styled and designed especially for the creating a document. they are really amazing and useful. You can insert a text box from the Insert tab of Microsoft Word 2016. There is a different kind of text boxes in the Text group of the Insert tab. For example, simple text box, banner slide bar text box, and more. you also can insert text boxes from you can see an example of text boxes in the following picture.

Text Box in Microsoft word 2016
Text Box

Drop cap


rop cap is another useful option of Microsoft Word 2016. It is amazing to use. People usually uses the drop cap option in the magazines and newspapers and other written article. When you insert a drop cap on any letter, the letter size will be large. As I have used the drop cap in this article. I also recommend you all use the Drop cap option in your documents.

Drop Cap in Microsoft Word 2016
Drop Cap Tool

Go to the Insert tab of Microsoft Word 2016 and then find the text group from the tab. You can find the drop cap option from the text group. Click on the Drop cap to insert in the document.

Header and Footer

Header and footer are useful when you want to place your logo or any other things on the top of your document. headers and footers are used by every association. I would recommend you all to use header and footer in your document. you can see a good example of the header usage in the following Picture.

Useful Options of Microsoft Word 2016
Header Example

Conclusion (Useful Options of Microsoft Word 2016)

I write this article for you all to know the useful options that are mostly used by the people in the different places. I hope this article was helpful for you all. Put a comment below and ask any question regarding the article. Provide us a feedback about the article and tell me what is useful in you Point.

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