Working with charts in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali November 27, 2016 at 10:53 am

Charts in PowerPoint has no differences with the charts in the other Office programs like Excel and Word. Charts are useful when you want to explain data without writing long paragraphs. We use charts for arranging data in the shapes such as bar shapes, pie shapes, line shapes and more. For example, if you are a company manager you can create chart if the company unit sales are decreasing or increasing by months and years. People usually use charts for data trending. We can also arrange the table data in any kind of chart. I told you that the people uses the charts in different ways and manners now it is your turn to use the charts in PowerPoint 2016. Read the following information about the chart and then go create your own chart.

Inserting Charts in PowerPoint 2016

We can insert charts from the second slide of the presentation or from insert tab. When you click on the chart option then a new window will pop up and it will show the list of the chart kinds. After selecting one of the charts from the chart list, choose the style of the chart then click on the OK button.

Microsoft PowerPoint charts
Adding charts

Once you have opened a chart you will receive the chart with an Excel spreadsheet in which you have to insert your data or information and you can add information from any table you have made before. We cannot edit the information in the chart itself, we only can edit it with the Excel spreadsheet. Right-click on the chart and then click on the edit data (edit data in Excel).

charts in PowerPoint 2016
Charts after Inserting

The more column or row you will add in the excel spreadsheet the more bars you will see in the chart. The information bars will show in the different colors.

Describing charts

Look at the following picture before reading this paragraph.
At the top middle part of the chart, you can type the chart name means what the following information’s are about.
In the left-hand side, it is called value axis cause it shows the value of the category axis. The value axis numbers depend on how much you write on the excel spreadsheet.

Category axis is the bars that stand vertically in the chart area. The more rows you have the more category axis it will show.
Legendary entry is placed at the bottom of the chart which is the columns in the excel spreadsheet.

PowerPoint 2016 charts
Describing chart

Chart element: In the chart elements list we have some option that appears and disappears some contents. Axes are the numbers that show value, chart title is the chart name and the chart label show category’s value it usually appears on the top of the bars.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 chart elements
Chart Element

Chart style: We have two categories in Chart style option style and color. From the style category, you can change or select the chart style and layout. From the color category, you can choose the color of the chart elements such as green colors, blue colors and more.

Microsoft office chart style
Chart style

Kinds of Charts

Column charts: Most of the time people uses column charts for showing data changes over a period of time and for the comparison of the items by the month or year. This is an easy understanding chart for everyone, the other chart like line and pie are a bit hard to be understood by everyone. Of course, the taller columns show more profits, more sales, and more success but it all also shows the bad situations like more drugs user, more cancer virus, and more killed people. Column colors can be changed as your wish.

Microsoft chart style
Column Charts

Line charts: we use this charts when our data don’t need frequent updates. It would be better to insert line chart from Microsoft Excel rather than PowerPoint. When you insert a line chart in Excel then simply copy the chart and paste it into PowerPoint. It is the best chart for showing trending.

Microsoft PowerPoint line charts
Line Charts

Pie charts: Pie charts are the charts that we use for showing percentage in pie pieces. Each piece of the pie shows a percentage that is related to the complete pie. The pie pieces’ colors are different from each other.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Pie Charts
Pie Charts

Bar charts: Bar charts are the same like the column charts, the column charts show data vertically but the bar charts show data horizontally. We have 3-D bar charts, clustered bar, and stacked bar charts. These charts are also easy to be understood.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Bar Charts
Bar Charts

Area Charts: These charts are almost like the line charts but it shows the data with a more extra area. It displays the values like a wall with the different colors. The bigger values will appear at the front of the chart but the lower values will be placed on the bigger values. This is a big problem that chart is having.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Area Charts
Area Charts

X Y (Scatter) charts: The x y charts are similar to the line charts but different usages. There is some distance between the dots in the x y scatter. We use this kind of charts for comparing numeric values like scientific values, statistical, and engineering values.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 X Y Scatter charts
X Y Scatter

Stock charts: Stock charts gives us a clear view of comparing things. People usually uses this kind of charts of scientific data like we can check and compare the weather differences between one city to another city or one day to another day.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Stock Charts
Stock Charts

Surface: This chart is so complicated, it not easy for everyone to understand. This chart looks similar to the water waves. We use this when we want to find optimum combinations between two sets of data. It is just an example you can use it in different ways.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Surface Charts
Surface Charts

Radar charts: This chart is shaped like a spider web because it connects lots of data in one chart. We use this chart for combining many information and data at one place. This chart is more useful for company managers. The radar charts are easy and comfortable to use in Microsoft Excel (Recommended).

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Radar Charts
Radar Charts


Treemap charts: Everybody knows that trees have many branches so this chart is also the same like the tree branches. We can manage the data in the branches or boxes. In this chart we have a box by the name of the branch and a smaller box than the first one that is the leaf, the Leafs are a part of the first branch. A branch can have many Leafs.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 TreeMap Charts
Treemap Charts

Sunburst charts: In fact, This chart is shaped like a circle and in the circle, we have many parts, each part are one piece of the circle. The sunburst charts are good at displaying hierarchical data.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Sunburst Charts
Sunburst Charts

Histogram charts: This chart looks like the column charts but this chart is very difficult for people to understand. This chart especially displays frequency data. what is a frequency data? The frequency of a particular data value is the number of times the data value occurs. For example, if two students have a score of 40 in mathematics, and then the score of 40 is said to have a frequency of 2.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Histogram Charts
Histogram Charts

Combo charts: This charts in powerpoint is not complete itself, in here you can combine many charts to make one you want. For example, you can mix line and column charts to make one special chart and You can even combine more than two charts, you can combine line, columns, and area charts. In fact, after combining you can select a style for the chart you have created.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Combo Charts
Combo Charts


Learning charts in PowerPoint is very important. when you learn the charts usages then it will be easy to manage your data in any of the charts in PowerPoint. I provide the information that I learned before.

This article was all about the charts in PowerPoint 2016, I hope you have learned something from this article. Put a comment below the post if you have any kind of question. Also, provide us a feedback in the comment box.

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