Working with Shapes in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali November 22, 2016 at 7:51 am

Working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016 is amazing and very interesting, in PowerPoint 2016 there are the variety of shapes. Shapes that shows directions, rectangles, block arrows, equations stars, callouts and action button exist in the shape menu of PowerPoint 2016. Nowadays shapes play a very important rule to create an interesting presentation. Many people use the shapes in different ways. For example, we can create a slide with the custom shapes. Shapes like lines and rectangle are mostly used for creating a blog post or for highlighting pictures. I have used the rectangle shape to show you the lines shape in the first picture of this article. There are other ways to use the shapes of PowerPoint.

Today I will introduce and shortly define some of the shapes that exist in PowerPoint 2016. In PowerPoint there are shapes like rectangle, lines, basic shapes, block arrow, equation, star, banner and so on.

In this post, I will tell some simple usages of every object in the shape menu. As the other objects like pictures and tables, we also can edit and customize the shapes.

Working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016 (easy shapes)


This kind of shapes is usually used when you want to show the directions or when you want to show something that is placed far from where it should be then you can use the arrow shape. You can draw curved and straight lines without this you can draw the line as your wish.

Working with Shapes in PowerPoint 2016
Line Shapes

Rectangle: These shapes are the shapes that consist four lines and four angles that’s why we call it a rectangle. Some of them are like a square. We can use this shape for describing something or we can design our slide with these shapes.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Shapes
Rectangle Shapes

Basic Shapes: Are also useful, there are shapes like half circle, full circle, double edge square, bracket, smile, heart and some more. There is also a text box in which we can write the text. We can create many things with these shapes such as a slide border, a cake, a water glass and so on. There are brackets that we can use them with the texts.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016
Basic Shapes

Block arrow Are the shapes that we use for pointing to something on the slide. There is a different kind of block arrow. We can edit them by the mouse movement and with their breaking points. By these shapes, we give instruction to something like we can create a street make with the shapes. we can create a recycle shape with shapes that exist here.

PowerPoint 2016 shapes
Block Arrow Shapes

Equation shapes Are the symbols that we use in the mathematical questions and answers. In this group, we have the Equal shape, minus, multiply, equal to, and some more.
Stars and Banners: You can guess the shapes by its name. in this group, we have a variety of star and banners shapes. we can use banners on the top front of our slide for placing the title in. Also, we can create a shape of the letter and then we can add text in the shape.

PowerPoint 2016 shapes
Equation Banners and Star Shapes

Complicated shapes

Callout: This shape includes a text box with an arrow. But the text box and the line has a color fill. We can write on the text box and put the arrow on any title. We can use callouts in such places. For example, we can use it to describe something to the audience. We can create place text in it and much more.
Action Buttons: In powerPoint 2016 these buttons are used for applying the action or we can write command on this kind of buttons.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 tutotials
Callouts and Action Buttons

Conclusion (Working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016)

This article was about working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016. I told you all many ways that we can use the shapes. You can explore more ways by working with shapes in PowerPoint 2016. I hope you have gotten something from this post. Put a comment below the post if you have any kind of question about this article. Also give us a feedback about the post.



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